Should I room with my friend?

A letter writer’s friend wants to room with him at college. Thing is, he’s a bit of an introvert. Is this a good idea?

I can’t make your decision for you, says our elder, but here are a few things to think about.

Dear EWC

I’ve had a friend since about 4th grade that is going to the same college as me and he asked me if I wanted to room with him at college. We talk every day in school and have similar interests. This issue is we have totally different personalities: he is the type to stay in on the weekends and watch a movie whereas I like to go to parties and go outside to play sports. He is a really chill guy but he isn’t outspoken and more of an introvert. Would it be a good idea to room with him even if our personalities are opposites?

JensPen replies

Congratulations on going to college. This is a very exciting phase of life that will bring you many new experiences and the opportunity to meet lots of new people.

As for your choice of roommates, this is something you need to think about. Of course, there is a certain amount of security in knowing who you will be rooming with. On the other hand, a large part of the college experience is rooming with someone you don’t know. Your “unknown” roommate may have a similar personality as you or perhaps he will be more like your friend.

College is about making decisions and choices. This is a very good time to start doing that. Don’t forget that while your roommate’s social preferences are something to think about, the real reason you are going to college is for your education. So, also think about study habits and focus on learning.

So, I won’t make your decision for you but hope that I have given you some things to think about to help you make what I am sure will be the right decision for you.

Good luck!

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