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FAMILY: Grandma Is So Hard On Me
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Category: Family

Original Letter

Lately I have been having problems with my grandmother.. it seems like the more I try to more she criticize me .. I have made plenty mistakes nd I am not ashamed. But I'm trying. I am becoming soo disrespect nd feels like my life is going no where. I promise I have been trying to do good but it's like the more I try the more I get stabbed in my back. I just need answer because I love my grandmother so much but I know she would never official give me credit for anything in life

Elder Response

Courtney, mistakes are tough buggers to own up to, but the only way to gain maturity and wisdom is to learn how to benefit from them. Your grandmother does not enjoy coming down on you. Being angry with you probably is the last thing she wants, but she must feel disappointed that you keep failing to see the light.

Not feeling ashamed of making mistakes is no reputable claim to fame. It just makes it easier for you to keep making youthful errors in judgment. Your grandmother is not at fault for wanting you to tow the line. Any disrespect you give her is unwarranted. 

To claim that she would never give you any credit just tells me you are trying to put the monkey on her back. Start towing the line and I am sure your grandmother will be proud enough to sing your graces out loud. 

I don't understand what you mean by saying you are being stabbed in the back. If you are trying to say she will never let up on you, you are not being optimistic. She will stop harping at you once you start acting civilized.

She doesn't want you to grow up wild and unpredictable. If she did not take you to task, she would not be living up to her family responsibility to love you AND guide you. 

Fare thee well.

Best Regards,



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