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DATING/RELATIONSHIP: Betrayal by my brother's friend.
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Category: Dating/Relationship

Original Letter

I met a friend of my brothers 6 months ago, we really clicked and soon things progressed to flirting and some more. As my brother trusted his friend, he opened up about his difficult relationship with his ex-girlfriend. It has now come to my attention, that this man has been leading me on, and at the same time trying to get into my brothers ex girlfriends pants! So I gave this man the boot. His sister is however a problem, she tried to cover for her brothers behavior, then casually mentioned she does not like one of my friends, then the next day asked my friend if she wants to join her group for a get together. My question, why would a man string his friends sister and ex girlfriend along at the same time? And why would his sister wants someone she does not like to hang out with her?

Elder Response

It is truly impossible for someone who does not know any of you personally even to make a guess at their motivation. Certainly, they appear to be very unreliable as friends and you did well to boot the brother. Consider booting the sister as well. Her manipulations will always make life difficult.

Walk away, Annie, you do not need such people in your life. The more you let them bother you, the more power you are giving them. You do not need to discuss this with them, or give any reasons for cooling it.

I hope your brother does not get ensnared with them, either. However, as the girlfriend is now a ex, she is fair game for anyone who wants to date her. In addition, if she was so difficult, he is better off without her, too.  Perhaps she and the predatory guy deserve each other.

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