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FAMILY: Mom treats us differently
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Category: Family

Original Letter

i feel like my mom is picking on me and pointing out the stuff i do wrong while my other siblings do the same thing and doesn't get in trouble for it.. it is really bringing me down..

Elder Response

Parenting is a super hard job. Children are different from each other and might need different approaches. I had one very active outgoing child who I tried to slow down and another daughter who was quiet who I tried to push ahead. In addition, there are different expectations for different age groups. For example, if you are the oldest, you may be expected to take on more responsibilities or to be a good model for your younger siblings to follow.  

Parents do try to do their best -- and even so, they make mistakes. There is no set of rules that everyone follows. What a parent learns from the first child, might benefit the second. Sometimes, parents who were very strict with their first child, lighten up with later ones when they see they didn't need to be strict.

 I strongly suggest, Jalen,  that you sit down with your mom -- maybe even share this letter with her -- and let her know how you feel. She will want all of her children to be happy and successful and to feel that her treatment of them is fair. And, when you have your own kids, remember how you felt so that your children don't feel treated unjustly.

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