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FAMILY: Getting Nasty Facebook Messages from In-Laws
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Category: Family

Original Letter

How can I dealing with my in law because everytime I post something bout me and my husband on Facebook I get a bad comment and ugly calls from his parents.

His mom hates me because I called the cops on her and the dhr because she overdose my medicine and almost kill me. I am special needs and my husband is special needs too we are out there home but I am get bad calls and other things.

I try to block them and I try to ask them to leave us alone all they want to Take my husband away from me and they think he not safe or happy either plz help me I need advise.

Elder Response

This is a sad situation! You said that you and your husband are special needs. Do you have a trusted doctor or a counselor that might be able to help you? Maybe with their help you could all sit down and talk. It sounds like the the law is involved? Have you tried talking with a police officer? They may be able to help you if you feel threatened.

I really think you need to talk to another trusted adult who can help you. And maybe stay off of Facebook for a little while until this problem is solved, or at least is not so bad.

Good luck, Catherine! I will be thinking of you!

Best Regards,



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