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In the inspiring ElderWisdomCircle™: Guide for a Meaningful Life, 60 individual Elders and nine Elder groups from across North America and from all walks of life volunteered to tackle some of the most compelling and provocative questions that have come to the Circle.

The book provides a forum for multiple responses, creating a dialogue between Elders, taking the reader on a journey into the lives of the advice-givers behind the computer screen, and proving that there is often more than one road to wisdom.

In 10 chapters, the Elders apply their experience and knowledge to the following topics: Overcoming life's obstacles; parent-child relationships; sibling rivalry; self-discovery; lasting love; decision-making; career; aging and loss. In the final chapter, the Elders offer their secrets and watchwords for living life the wise way.

How Do I Get a Copy?

Published by Plume, the ElderWisdomCircle™: Guide for a Meaningful Life is available online from:

Friends of the EWC will receive a complimentary signed copy of the book. To learn how you can become a Friend of the EWC, see our Support page.

Praise for the Book and the EWC

"It is heartening to know that when young people seek sage advice these days, many are turning to the ElderWisdomCircle™. I continue to be impressed by the candor and insight of these Elders."

--Walter Cronkite (1916-2009)

"Inspired by his grandmother, Meckelson, a former worker in the financial services industry, founded the ElderWisdomCircle™ in 2001. Now nationwide, this group comprises volunteers aged 60-100 who endeavor to provide assistance to younger people who ask questions through a Web site. Meckelson and L.A. Times staff writer Haithman have divided representative correspondence into such subjects as careers, sibling issues and death. Many engaging and thoughtful questions and responses are recounted. Although one respondent recommends trusting in God, the circle members are by no means all believers and are required to refrain from proselytizing. The elders are not afraid to discuss nontraditional family structures and also humanely and appropriately deal with inquiries about sexuality. Anyone looking for empathy and practical strategies for overcoming difficulties from those who have been there will profit from this light-hearted guide and be inspired to visit the Web site,"

--Publishers Weekly

"Everyone needs a little advice sometimes and the ElderWisdomCircle™'s honest, inspirational guidance is just the ticket when you aren't sure of your next step."

--Marci Shimoff, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and a Featured teacher in the film, The Secret

"Garnering the wisdom of more than 600 seniors nationwide, Meckelson (president/founder, the ElderWisdomCircle™) has compiled this guide to help young people face the struggles and challenges of everyday life. He and Los Angeles Times staff writer Haithman took the most universal and provocative questions and answers from the popular web site and arranged them by life's major phases. Problems addressed include coping with shyness, arguing with neighbors, and delivering eulogies. A unique feature of the material is that several responses are provided for each question, which gives the reader options for behavior. With its distinctive format for self-help queries, this should prove interesting to patrons of all ages. Highly recommended."

--Library Journal Reviews

"This is an amazing and compelling book. The exchange of letters between elder sages and innocent seekers elevates common sense to the lyrical heights of wisdom. Better stuff on these pages on life's familiar transitions and agonies than all those advice columns and self-help books. This is one for all seasons and all ages."

--Prof. Warren Bennis, University of Southern California, Author of On Becoming a Leader and co-author of Geeks & Geezers

"This is a valuable book, full of common sense and time-tested advice from aging and aged communicants who have provided younger persons with help on marital difficulties, child-raising and health problems, and self-doubt, and many other of life's troubles. You will not always agree with the elders' solutions, but you will always be interested in them."

--Doris Grumbach, Author of Extra Innings and Coming Into the End Zone

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“ Anyone looking for empathy and practical strategies for overcoming difficulties... will profit from this light-hearted guide.

- Publishers Weekly

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