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Not sure where to turn? This is the place where younger generations connect with Cyber-Grandparents for free, confidential, personal, and empathetic guidance.

How Does It Work?

  1. Click on the button above, you will be directed to our desktop site to complete a short form. For the best possible response, be detailed when describing your issue.
  2. Your letter will be matched with the most suitable Elder, or your letter will be sent to the Elder you chose. (Selecting a specific Elder is OPTIONAL and is not necessary to receive a reply.)
  3. A personal and private notice will arrive in your e-mail inbox alerting you when your advice is ready!
  4. You will log into the secure EWC site to read your advice and if desired continue the dialog with your Elder.
  5. Feel free to request a second opinion, there is a button to automatically resubmit your letter.


Terms of Service: Please read below before you submit your question

The ElderWisdomCircle™ responds as quickly as possible to each and every request, but we are PROHIBITED from offering a few types of replies:

  • ANY type of question that requires medical, tax, legal, or investment opinion or advice of any nature is against our non-profit charter and by-laws and cannot be answered.
  • Our Elders are primarily based in the United States; we will do our best to appropriately answer letters that require a comprehensive understanding of cultural norms, career or educational structures outside of the US.
  • Questions submitted with insufficient information or detail to allow a proper reply cannot be answered.
  • Obscure questions that require specialized knowledge not likely held by the general American population cannot be answered.
  • Requests to assist with homework, projects, business plans or similar tasks cannot be answered


Suggested Format for Submissions

How you share your question and concerns is entirely up to you, but it's easier for Elders to REALLY meet your needs if you provide the essential details.

1. What's your concern?
2. Give us some details.
3. How can we help you?


Privacy Policy

All submissions become the property of the ElderWisdomCircle. Your e-mail address will never be shared with anyone outside the EWC. All users have the option at submission to make their letters and accompanying replies private; private letters will never be viewable by the public in any form. If you choose to make your letter public, it will be searchable in our public archives and may appear as a featured letter on our site or in our weekly syndicated column.