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Our volunteers at ElderWisdomCircle dispense such wise, warm-hearted advice that we couldn’t resist sharing some gems with you too.

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Doug Meckelson

I’m trying for a baby…

… but I’m petrified after a miscarriage last year. The best advice I can give you is to speak to ...
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Cuckoo in the nest

My brother’s girlfriend moved in during the pandemic and now I feel miserable in my own house. It doesn’t help ...
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/ / Family

No, she can’t borrow my car

My BF’s family is coming to visit and he wants me to lend my car to his sister. My gut ...
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How can I boost my self esteem?

A couple of bad experiences with guys have left me at rock bottom. There’s nothing wrong with you, says our ...
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My mom or my partner?

I want to move in with my partner but my mom says she will disown me. I’m 29! She is ...
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/ / Marriage

My ex best friend reached out…

… but only to add me as a Facebook friend. Should I message him? Only if you can handle possibly ...
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/ / Friendship

They’re called boundaries, Dad!

It’s great that my dad has been helping to look after my son, but now I can’t get rid of ...
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He’s toxic but I can’t say no

I’m hooked on this guy but he keeps leaving me for other girls. What do I do? This calls for ...
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My ex and my work friends

He hangs around my co-workers and now he wants to propose! How can I stop feeling guilty? Stop being so ...
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The beautiful game

My dream is to become a big-league soccer coach. How do I get there? Playing the game is a good ...
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