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Doug Meckelson


I Dreamed of Having a Husband and Children But I’m Afraid it will Never Happen

I Dreamed of Having a Husband and Children But I’m Afraid it will Never Happen “I’ve had several boyfriends that ...

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She Tries to be Organized, But Can’t Get High Grades Like Her Friends

“Can you help me learn how to be more productive with my study time?” Our Elder Says: There are many ...

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She Wants to Join Different School Clubs, But Her Parents Make Her Play Sports Full Time

“I like to play volleyball, but I want to participate in other school activities and clubs too. I’m not allowed ...

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My Boss Wrote Me Up And Never Told Me!

“I was on a company website and found out I was on a Performance Improvement Plan. I have proof that ...

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He Said He Wanted More Than a Fling, But Now We Barely Speak

“He broke off our relationship after just two weeks, I need to know if we are really done.” Our Elder ...

How Do I Set Boundaries With My Partner’s Controlling Sister?

“She is asking personal questions and trying to make choices for our coming baby. My partner won’t say anything to ...

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Help Me Choose a Career That Will Fit My Interests

“I don’t need to get rich, but I want a job that will let me be myself and explore my ...

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She Loves Him, But All They Do Is Fight

“Should I give up on my high school sweetheart?” Our Elder says: The reason for a relationship is to bring ...

Where Should I Move, and How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Leaving?

“My culture expects me to live with my parents after college, but I need to pursue my own life.” Our ...

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“Stop Taking Antidepressants Or Else!”

“My boyfriend says that if I keep taking my medications and seeing a therapist, he will break up with me.” ...