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Doug Meckelson

My fiancé is still married

Can I make him get an annulment? Our elder advises a letter writer who is caught between love and the ...
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We argued; now he needs me

My SO and I had a big fight right before he lost someone in his family. How can I support ...
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Guilt or revenge?

A girl ruined my life last year; this year the tables turned. Am I a bad person? One episode doesn’t ...
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I’m so shy!

A letter-writer is afraid of making mistakes and being judged. I know just how you feel, says our elder – ...
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Growing apart from Mom

Can we reconnect before I go to college? I appreciate your maturity, says our elder. Here are a few suggestions ...
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Senior stress: I’m out of whack

A summer course, honors classes and a failed driving test have a letter-writer feeling stressed. Can our elder help her ...
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My friend is a drain

She’s always crying about her problems. Is this a normal part of friendship? It does sound one-sided, says our elder ...
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3 years, 3 schools. What now?

A letter writer is looking for direction, perhaps towards a bachelor’s degree. Some of your credits may be eligible for ...
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I’ve been working on myself…

… so can I win back my ex? She says she loves me but she’s not in love. This is ...
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Should I come out to Mom?

She knows I’m bisexual, but not that I’m non-binary. Set aside some time and share your truth with her, says ...
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