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Doug Meckelson

Losing focus at school

A student is finding online math classes a struggle. I suspect you’re being too hard on yourself, says our elder ...
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Should I just stay out of it?

I want to help a friend who’s having a hard time, but my mom says she’s just another one of ...
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Will I ever really grow up?

Still struggling with childhood trauma, a letter writer feels like they are just existing. You are not alone, says our ...
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When BF’s bestie is a leech

She thinks her boyfriend is being used. He’s OK with it. While money may or may not be the root ...
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Dreaming my life away

Everyone fantasizes—but what happens when those daydreams end in real-life disappointment? Although you may not be able to achieve perfection ...
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Full of frustration and regret

No wonder, says our elder! Taking care of her thankless parents has left this 40 year-old feeling like a failure ...
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The lingering toll of 2020

Lockdown. Quarantine. Safer at home. Who hasn’t lost touch with friends? Our elder suggests that this high-school grad take the ...
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How to follow your passion

This middle-schooler loves art. But is it a realistic career? Don’t give up, advises our elder. He also offers a ...
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Just say “no” to negativity

When depression fuels self-doubt, it’s hard to stop the spiral. Our elder shares her story—along with advice on how to ...
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Is my future impossible?

For this advice seeker, his family anxiety paints a bleak picture. “No one else gets to do you,” says our ...
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