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Doug Meckelson


Should I confess my gay past?

I really like this girl, but I’m scared to ask her out because I once dated another boy. What should ...

/ / Dating/Relationship

A risk that didn’t pay off

I gave her flowers, but now she’s hugging her ex on social media. Our elder has some reassuring words for ...

/ / Friendship

She’s pushing me away

My girlfriend is in pain and can’t handle a relationship.  The only thing you can do is back off and ...

/ / Dating/Relationship

Taylor Swift movie: yes or no?

The thing is, I have tickets to see her in concert next year.  Our elder consults her granddaughter for help ...

/ / Other

IT is giving me anxiety

This letter writer felt pressured into taking IT classes – and it’s stressing them out.  Talk to your parents, says ...

/ / School

He has beautiful lips

Our elder has some words of wisdom for a letter writer who is still attracted to his married best friend ...

/ / Friendship

I love his good parts…

But when he’s low, it really hurts.  Our elders have some advice for a letter writer whose boyfriend is struggling ...

/ / Dating/Relationship

Does Santa exist?

This letter writer wants to believe again. Luckily, our elder knows Santa personally…  Dear EWC I don’t really believe in ...

/ / Other

Will I be too old?

This letter writer wants to take a gap year before med school but is worried about being older than their ...

/ / School

Oh baby! 

My friend and I don’t really talk anymore. Do I need to go to her baby shower?  Our elder gives ...

/ / Friendship