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Doug Meckelson


Tired of talking first 

When I meet new people, it’s always me who makes the first approach. Should I wait for them to talk ...

/ / Self-Improvement

Do I have to go to college?

This letter writer is debating whether to go to university or go to trade school and set up their own ...

/ / School

Can I be happy on my own?

This letter writer loves her life, but is starting to panic that she will never marry or have children.  You ...

/ / Dating/Relationship

Losing my religion?

This letter writer can’t pray like they used to.  While we can’t influence people’s beliefs here at EWC, our elder ...

/ / Other

Starting college: I’m lost!

This letter writer is scared about starting college life and making friends with people. Our elder has some helpful tips: ...

/ / Self-Improvement

Too shy for college

I have had no social contact for a year. Help!  Our elder has some suggestions for a freshman heading to ...

/ / School

Am I being played?

He said he liked me, but now his “girlfriend” is coming to visit. Should I confront him?  You deserve better, ...

/ / Dating/Relationship

I want to try adulting

But I can’t even set up a doctor’s appointment! This married letter writer wants to become more independent.  Start with ...

/ / Marriage

Third time lucky?

This letter writer is sitting the university entrance exam for the third time.  Can our elder help her find the ...

/ / Self-Improvement

I just hate studying

How do I tell my parents I want to drop out?  First, do your due diligence, says our elder. Explore ...

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