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  1. i feel anxity and depression at same time , i lost my uncle last month and also i have university exam and i did not study, i really feel blue i do not wanna meet my friends but i want to meet them i am afraid of making them upset also i can not give attention to my class, last night i told myself about kill my self i dont know what should i do help me

  2. I don’t know where I can put my thoughts, but I found this website and I think it’s the right place, I’ve experiencing fear much in this year, since the day I was born to my teens, I was just a normal person, I wasn’t even scared of anything, but in the final year of school I got abused physically, I was getting bullied in my school before, but this abuse made it worse, the person abused me is close to me, they said they were sorry of what they did, but l’m still scared of them, and not just them, I get scared if anyone refused anything from me, or if they reject something from me, it makes me sick in my stomach everytime, it’s normal for someone to reject if they want to, but it is like that I can’t accept it , sometimes I cry and think of ending myself so this fear can stop, I have nightmares often about it, so I stopped sleeping much and my schedule became very bad to my health , I don’t know what to do so I can get rid of this feeling, I’ve become very weak…

  3. Hello, I am keeping mentally very disturbed since last few days.I feel lonely being in my family of my husband and daughter.I get no love, affection from my husband and doubt my existence in this family. He usually hides things mostly related to finances and his family. I have compromised this and came along with him but after I take care of my daughter and him as well the best possible ways, he never leaves a chance of demeaning me for not taking care of our daughter well.He doesn’t show an appreciation in his activity neither shows any affections towards me. I am a working woman with a toddler, so the days are very hard and exhaustive for me and after all on weekends I get a reward of worthlessness and if I bring out my anger to arguments, my husband hits me knowingly or unknowingly in front of my daughter. It makes me feel horrible and my inner voice ask me to commit suicide every time. I am really feeling pathetic and depressed and need some help or advice what to do?

  4. I was molested when I was a child.  Once when I was 5 then when I was 7.  It happened from two different cousins on my fathers side of the family.  I have never told anyone, not even my husband.  For the last several months I have been thinking of telling my father.  I was going to write him a letter.  We are not the most openly communicative family.  I am not close to my mother.  I have many resentments from her emotional unavailableness growing up and other things she’s done that hurt my feelings even when I was an adult.  I have increasingly distanced myself from my family over these last few years.  We have our issues.  My problem is that my father has become very sick.  He has stage 4 prostate cancer (just found out 2 days ago) and he became paralyzed from the waist down a week ago due to a tumor on his spine.  Should I still tell him?  I dont want to make what could be the last few months of his life even more sad than they already are but at the same time I don’t want to give my cousins the satisfaction that no one knows what they did to me.  Although I don’t think my father would say anything to them given his condition now.  As a mother now, I would want to know if anyone had ever violated my children.  But I’m still very conflicted about this.

  5. I am a single mother with a son just shy of his seventh birthday.  We have lived with my uncle since my son was just four months old.  His father has never met him or been a part of his life.  Since starting kindergarten, he has expressed interest in meeting his father.  I have been putting it off until I feel he is a little older and more mature.  His father has now expressed an interest in meeting him as well. I would like my son to meet his father eventually but I’m concerned about the emotional ramifications this may have on him.  When I ask him about his expectations, he thinks meeting his father means that we will all be together and a family.  I would like to help him understand that it won’t change our home life.- Also, his father is super excited about meeting him and he is the type of person who lets his emotion pour out.  I’m worried that his excitement will possibly confuse my son if I get him to a point where he understands that meeting his father won’t change our home life. And another issue is that his father is hoping that we will become more than friends.  I don’t want to go down that path because I am not a long-term relationship kind-of person.  I am getting ready to go back to college to finish my degree for elementary education and I have a long-term plan that does not include a romantic relationship.  I want to get my degree, get a job at a school, work for at least a year, and then adopt 2-3 more children. My son is my first priority but I want to help them both.  How do I help my son work through his childhood hopes without hurting him?  How do I help his father understand that meeting my son doesn’t mean that I am interested in changing my home dynamic?  How do I work through my own issues to help my son?

  6. I have a lot of issues with growing up. I just miss being a kid and my 13th birthday is coming up very soon. The thought of growing up brings me to tears. Mostly because I think about behaviors I did earlier in life won’t be tolerated now like crying or wetting the bed. Any advice?

  7. Hello, I am from Bangladesh. so, Asian parents aren’t that free minded about relationships. I am in love with a guy who is a merchant navy officer. i am 21, and he is 23. I have a bad past. i was in a relationship and which was caught by my mom. I broke up with him after he cheated on me. The whole incident happened in 2018. From that incident my parents fears about me being in a relationship. But I am unconditionally in love with my man. He is so nice, caring and loving. he loves me more than my life. I belong from a Muslim family, my mom is so pious and religious. I don’t know how she will react. I have no clue how to tell them about our relationship. What will we do if they don’t get agreed for the marriage? I can’t leave him. I LOVE HIM. My father is an Associate professor. He considers status more than anything. His father is a High School teacher. I don’t know if my father will create status drama in future. PLease help me, all i want is him as my husband. what do i do now? how to tell my parents?

  8. Hello!, I’ve been having trouble making friends. I’m 19 years old and I go to college, but I was on-and-off home-schooled throughout middle and high school. It made keeping the friends I already had more difficult. My social anxiety made friend-making more difficult as well. My siblings insist that I can’t make connections with people because I am ‘guarded’ and ‘stand-offish’ but I really do want to make it work. It’s important to me that I experience other things people my age usually do. Experiences like spending time with people outside of work and school, and even dating (I have never done that before either). I’m not sure if I am on the right platform for this kind of advice, but I really do appreciate you reading this. Thank you!

  9. This year has not been a good year for me. I’m a sophomore in high school and i normally do very well in school. I finished out last year with a 3.7 and finished the first marking period this year with a 4.0. Then things took a turn for the worst. My doctor started changing my medication and putting me on new anti anxiety medication and it’s been an adjustment to say the least. My grades have suffered as a result of this. I failed english in the second marking period and chemistry in the third, and with less than a week left in school theres a chance ill fail chemistry again. This is really stressing me out and i just scheduled a meeting with my guidance counselor to discuss the issue. Can anyone weigh in on this?

  10. I did something really bad and I want to move on with my life and I don’t know how. I know what I did was wrong and that it will never happen again. I’m a good kid and my friends constantly remind me of that. I am 14 and I want to forgive myself, I just don’t know how.

  11. I have get really stressed with anxiety and have mental breakdowns generally because of school. i find myself depressed at times and hating myself because of my body and friendships. i have been bullied many times. i would like to feel more confident and happy in myself.

  12. for the past 2 years i have been struggling a lot with self image. Always feeling like im a alien compared to everyone else and that people seeing me is a punishment to them. i have a phobia of photos and i hate myself so bad. ive tried starving myself and fasting but nothing is working i feel helpless. what do i do? any tips? i know a part of this is needing to work on my mental help but i dont think thats going to happen, for a long time. these thoughts are really starting to get on my nerves and i need help.

  13. What do you think adds to a fulfilling life that you didn’t know when you were younger? Did you learn it through work, family, friends, hardship? Is there anything you think the youth should do in order to blossom and reach their potential?

  14. Hello. I am looking at going back to school, but i don’t know what for yet. I want to find a career that fits to my lifestyle but also makes good money. I was just hoping I could find somewhere to help me with this.

  15. Dear Ma/Sir, Please I am requesting for advice concerning my job. I feel stuck with the job right now, not happy with going to that work anymore because I found no fulfillment in it and not happy continuing working in that environment. Each time I think about that work, I feel discouraged and not excited with headache. I couldn’t quit the job now because of the expenses I need to cope with. I have started job search but still expecting positive response. Kindly give your elderly advice to assist me in getting out of this pains. Thank you.

  16. hey..I am stressed for my career i have talked to so my teachers and elders but no one is helpful. I am not able find which career path is good for me i wanna know how can i find the right career for myself .for now i know that I cant settle for small. so situation is that i wanna go explore world. so i chose to do mba but my family needs suggest me to earn as soon as possible and for that i can be a goverment officer. for both ways i have to crack a competitive exam. for MBA i have crack CAT and for Goverment job i have to crack IBPS and now i am unable to choose to study for which one…and when i talk to my mentor she said cat is very competitive and after clearing that also you have to do mba and then you will get job but after clearing ibps you will have job in your hand….now i dont now what to do also i wanted to internship but i am not able to figure out what to choose finance or human resource.

  17. Greetings. I have an undergraduate in BA (psychology and sociology). I have not had a chance to practice my psychology however i have worked in various fields  (1) Research assistant (2) M&E assistant (3) Banking(teller/ customer service) I do not have a job at the moment and have been sporadically thinking about where to go next in my career. I have been toying with the idea of being a coach and that plays well into my psychology however i wouldn’t mind being an executive assistant to an individual whose work involves lots of travelling and not a desk job. Kindly advice on what would be a good career path to take that would have a long term growth. I wouldn’t mind being a speaker in my retirement years and age so a career that would lead to that.

  18. I am 22 years old. I am very career-oriented and wish to expand and learn more about myself in that aspect. I have just completed my Politics, Human Rights and International Relations degree. I wouldn’t say I like numbers (maths and accounting) albeit I am good at them, hence, inclusion is okay, not specialisation. I am very passionate about reading, theories, research, documentaries, law, analysis and writing. I love paperwork as well. I also would like to be a COO or CEO one day, but I don’t know how and where to start. I know I can do it – I only lack some motivation and guidance.

  19. So, I’m a male freshman in highschool. I am lucky enough to have made some good friends early on. However, the one closest to me, the one I spend the most time with, one of my female friends, is becoming a very significant part of my life. Whenever I’m not with her, I’m either thinking about her or actively avoiding thinking about her. I spend hours cuddling with a bundle of blankets, telling it the things I could hardly imagine telling her: I love her from the bottom of my heart, I want to spend all of eternity with her in my arms, I could never live in a world without her. I don’t want to tell her because I don’t want to freak her out or worry her or make her uncomfortable around me. She means the world to me, so I don’t want to risk losing her at all. I know that she would never stop being friends with me; she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met, but I know how much she disapproves of teenagers dating, especially in school, how much she values her personal space, and I know that no matter her answer, she will tell it to me straight and give me a blunt, outright answer. All of this is part of what I love about her, but it makes me fear to tell her my feelings outright. I don’t know what to do, but I know I don’t want to hide my feelings forever.

  20. I’ve been speaking with a beautiful girl who I like very much, but she lives hundreds of miles away. I’ve also recently been in contact with an ex of mine and i’ve been very confused about my feelings with her, to elaborate our past relationship was very toxic and the breakup was extremely nasty but she says she’s matured and is ready to start fresh because she says she’s in love with me, I might share the same feelings though I might not. The girl who lives far from me knows nothing of this and I know I have to discontinue my communication with one of them. I really get along with the girl far from me, shes nice and smart and all the good qualities you search for in a woman, but my ex and I once shared so many good memories and I see change in her. Please guide me in the direction that’s best, thank you.

  21. I don’t really have a parent I can go to with this. I have a history of sexual abuse that would make your hair stand on end. Because of this, my husband and I have made some clear boundaries and rules in the bedroom. One of them, for him, has been that he will not tolerate it if I allow things to happen I am not comfortable with, without talking to him. It recently came out that I had done just that. He is hurt, angry, and disgusted. Honestly he’s shattered. And I am in pieces that I caused that kind of hurt. He says he has forgiven me but trust and ‘going back to normal’ will take time. But I just don’t know what to do in the meantime. I never knew what it was to miss someone in the same room. It feels like the air has been sucked out of my lungs. I know what I did was wrong. I just am not good at communicating, especially on the topic of sex. I feel shattered that I caused my partner so much pain. I feel frustrated that I let such a simple thing get so out of hand. I don’t now what to do with my feelings, or how to get up and go to work and do ‘life stuff’ when I feel like my world has imploded. Please, if you have any guidance, I would appreciate it.

  22. I have been struggling within my marriage. We no longer have a sex life after only being married a little over a year where as before we were having sex at least once a day and now it’s every three months if I’m lucky. I try to destress my partner, compliment, cook dinner, clan house, bills are paid. We are going to Mexico in a month together. I don’t understand what has changed or if they are just not attracted to me anymore but just do not want to hurt my feelings? We have done couples therapy and we are good emotionally I feel connected just not getting my physical needs met is starting to wear on me. I am a very physical person and am starting to feel trapped and resentful. They are also in solo therapy and have been for the last 6 months. I asked if they were sexually abused in the past and if that’s coming up now and they said no so idk how everything changed and we have talked about it and they don’t really seem to care how it’s affecting me. I’m also starting to loose my self esteem and wondering if they are cheating? I’m just very confused and didn’t think this would happen. I just miss my person and am feeling very sad lonely and isolated but if I try to make plans without them they get upset and make me feel bad.

  23. I have get really stressed with anxiety and have mental breakdowns generally because of school. i find myself depressed at times and hating myself because of my body and friendships. i have been bullied many times. i would like to feel more confident and happy in myself.

  24. Hi sir or madam. im 15 years old from the phillipines. Im having trouble. I want to tell my parents that i already have a boyfriend. I know that’ll make them mad. They dont want me to be in relationships because they think its just distraction. But i dont think so. I really wanna tell them because i dont wanna keep on lying to them i dont wanna hide something from them. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 9 months. If youd be my mom or dad how would u react. Please advice me

  25. i was one of the brightest student in the school topped 11th but when its time for the 12th exam i just feel blank for some reason i cant study i dont feel like studying something is pulling me off. nobody cares about me i just dont know what to do i have a huge dream of becoming a doctor but for that i need to be back at the pace but i cant i am just wasting time when i should be grinding if i didnt top the class i will have to give up my dream which i cant even think off yet what is stopping me is something i am not sure off i feel lazy and unmotivated finding excuses have now become my hobby i didnt even waste one minute when i was in 11th but now i dont know what to do only months are left for my exam and i feel zooned out . i need the old me i wanna be like her studious and motivated always please help.

  26. hi! I hope whoever is reading this is doing great well lemme start with what’s happening in my life right now, well I’m a girl, 17 years old, now living in Morocco I Just graduated high school last July and now I’m studying in one of the elite schools in morocco, well in the first year we have to study 10 subjects which is very hard actually, exams are one week away and tbh I’m not 100% ready I’m still late in most of the subjects and it’s getting stressful, the worst thing about this is if a student fails during the first year they get kicked out from the Institut tbh I’m really scared idk what to do the worst thing is I find it hard to manage my time and the stress that makes it hard to focus and it’s shown physically on me, pls i need just need some advice, reassuring words just to feel okay and to have strength to work.