The interviewer said what?

A letter writer’s fiancé started getting inappropriate WhatsApp messages after a job interview. What can she do?

The law is on her side, says our elder.

Dear EWC

Hi, I would like some advice on what to do in an unusual situation. My fiancé recently applied for a job. She was contacted and called in for an interview. The interview went well, as far as she could tell, but shortly after leaving she started receiving WhatsApp messages from the guy who interviewed her. She responded in a totally appropriate way as she thought she may be getting the job, etc. He then proceeded to tell her that she was beautiful and that he hopes she’s single and messages of that sort of content. She has since been offered the job, along with some (questionable) job benefits. His messages have continued, nothing rude or invasive, but inappropriate considering her only interaction with him was to try and get a job? What should/can we do about this? Thank you for your time.

Lincoln-Parker replies

I agree that everything that you describe is inappropriate at the least. First, the person in question (interviewer) could have done damage to his company by turning off a prospective employee who did not want deal with his advances. There could also be potential for legal problems for him and the company down the road depending on the back and forth communications and what you mean by “(questionable) job benefits.”

I assume your fiancé just wants to know that, if she accepts the job, she will not have to worry about advances from a potential unwanted suitor who might be in a position to affect her career. If that is the case, I would suggest that she make it clear to this person that, in fact, she is not “single,” but happily engaged.

Hopefully, that will put an end to the unwanted contact and put everything back on a business level. She will have to beware that he may continue his inappropriate behavior after she starts working and be ready to deal with it. I guess I am saying—weigh all of this in when comparing job alternatives.

It is too bad that, as an attractive and talented woman, she has to deal with such issues. Hopefully, it’s just a young executive using very poor judgment. If it developed into more than that, she, obviously, has society and the legal system on her side.

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