All this drama from a yogurt?!

A letter writer can’t believe the fight she’s having over a moldy yogurt.

It’s pretty crazy, agrees our elder.

Dear EWC

I have five friends in a friend group. We started school a few months ago and recently one of them found a yogurt in her backpack, which expired on the second week of school and was moldy and all. She is 100 percent sure one of us did it, though I say otherwise. She came to assume that I put the yogurt on the bottom of her backpack so she could have that happen. Her proof? That the cafeteria serves yogurt with sandwiches. But mostly that I didn’t wanna be a part of the dumb drama. I’ve told her a million times it’s because I hate drama and this is the dumbest drama I’ve heard of. Now she is going as far to say I’m not a part of our dance group because she messaged everyone on our dance group in a group chat and I didn’t respond. Which I didn’t because I got a new phone number after my other phone broke and I switched to a different provider. She is trying to make everyone turn on me for the dumbest drama ever. We are past preschool and elementary school and middle school and all, so why are we fighting about a yogurt? I need to know what to do by Monday because what I do or don’t do on that day will for sure make or break everything.

Exelsior replies

I’m sorry we were unable to respond to you before today. I hope my advice will help nevertheless.

It sounds to me like your friend left a moldy yogurt in her backback and is looking for someone to blame. Even if by some chance you’d put a stinky yogurt in your friend’s backpack, her vengeance routine is suspicious. Her blaming you for something that seems pretty improbable. And then taking things further by messaging your dance group makes it look like she’s trying to “play the innocent” for something that’s truly petty. Why she’s picked you as the one to blame is your guess. If you’re innocent, no need to wonder how to act around her or your dance group. Just look as amazed as you truly feel that a friend would accuse you of or something like this, and then throw shade at you with others. Act astonished, and ask why she’d blame you for something so crazy. Confidently and courteously deny it, then walk away. I’d then regard her as a non-friend from here on out. Good luck!

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