My new employer ghosted me!

A letter writer was sent home with a training video, and then… silence.

What happened to good manners, wonders our elder.

Dear EWC

So, I got hired at job and they gave me a video training to watch at home. They told me to go home and call when I was finished and also to get my schedule. The first time I called them they said to call in the morning or afternoon. I did, and no-one answered. I called today and they said they would call later. The next day I still hadn’t heard from them yet. So, I thought it didn’t make sense as to why they would hire me if they weren’t going to take me seriously. I hate calling because I get very awkward when talking to people I don’t know. I would feel comfortable if they emailed me my schedule and uniform. My friend told me to keep calling them but I don’t think that would be a great idea. I don’t want them to get annoyed about me constantly calling them when they said they would call later. Is this OK? I really wanted to start working. I watched these training videos for four hours.

Good-Listener replies

I don’t blame you for feeling very uncomfortable. I thought about your situation and tried to put myself in it… Whatever happened to common courtesy? Or how about not messing with someone’s life? But let’s put that aside for a second, in favor of, what to do about it.  

The facts are: you were hired, and they gave you a training video, which you reviewed, and, per instruction, called them with the expectation that they’d send you a schedule and uniform… or be given further direction. But they are not responding. A couple of questions: Did you sign any paperwork or discuss compensation? If so, then it’s possible they’re just plain rude, or something is going on at the company that may be delaying your schedule and you’ll hear from them shortly. And, frankly, that’s the most likely scenario. As far as you calling — not sure of the last time you phoned, but back off for a bit. If you haven’t heard anything after a couple of days, call again, and then start looking for something else.

Back in the Stone Age, I had just moved to a new city and interviewed for a job. They told me they’d call on a Thursday and I’d be starting about a week later. No call. So, I called them. Still no call. For three days, I called (and likely made a pain of myself). Finally, I backed off, and eventually heard from them. What I did learn, however, and made note of, is that’s the way they treat employees — without a lot of integrity. After a year, I asked for a raise; they said yes but I didn’t receive it for another four months! Well, I left them after about 18 months, and they were so mismanaged that the entire management team quit or was fired shortly after that.  

I’m not saying this will be the case with you — I’m just telling you to be aware of how people behave. My feeling is you’ll hear from them eventually as though nothing happened. Accept the job if you wish but keep your resume current.  I know it’s awful being up in the air, but you’ll be OK. Good luck.

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