But that’s my passion, Mom!

I took up photography but then my mom muscled in. How can I get her to put the camera down?

Our elder tries to smooth things over.

Dear EWC

Hello! So lately I have been really getting into photography, and have been for a while. Then all of a sudden my mom started really getting into it as well. And is always like “Aw, look at this,” and “Aw, look at that”. And I want it to be more of my thing, because everyone in my family has something they are truly passionate about. I felt photography was mine but then my mom jumped in and I don’t know how to tell her that I want it to be my thing. Like I won’t stop her from doing it, but respect that I want to be able to use my passion without having it be all about us.

M-Sharon replies

I can understand how you feel. However, there are so many aspects of photography. It’s possible you both can pursue it, but go in different directions. 

Possibly, your mom got interested in it because she thought you would both have an interest in common. 

So, I suggest you tell her that you feel you want to keep your photography as your own special thing, but that you’re OK with her interest in it, but it should not be identical to yours.

I’m no expert in photography; however, different subject matters appeal to some more than others. (Landscape, portrait, wildlife, street scenes, architecture, etc.) Each photograph is so different from another’s interpretation of the same scene.

I’m hoping you and your mom will come to an understanding.

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