Will my BFF reunion be awkward?

A letter writer is thrilled to be back in touch with her ex best friend, but she’s nervous about their first friend date in two years.

Our elder has some tips to get the conversation flowing.

Dear EWC

So I have been a little lonely with friends lately and decided to reach out to my ex best friend from about two years ago. I really miss hanging out with her and want to become close friends again like we once were. I asked if she wanted to hang out sometime and she said yes! The only problem is that I don’t know what to do with her and I don’t want things to be awkward. Any advice on what to talk about or do?

GrannyJ replies

That’s great you are reconnecting with an old friend! I can understand your feelings of awkwardness after not seeing her for so long. I’m sure once you two are together and have chatted a while you will feel more relaxed.  

I think a great thing to do would meet for lunch. Choose a place you know won’t be extremely busy with the lunchtime crush so that you can sit and visit for a while. If you don’t want to do the lunch thing, you could also meet at a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor, a place that offers sweets or desserts, or something similar, whatever you prefer. If you remember types of places your friend likes to visit, that’s even better. Meeting in a public setting provides a little background distraction that can sort of help disguise any awkwardness you may feel at first. 

I don’t think you two will have trouble finding things to talk about. You will probably do a lot of reminiscing, but to get things started, ask your friend about her herself. Where is she working (or going to school), how does she like her job (or school), how is her family, who is she dating, are all good conversation-starting questions. I’m sure you can think of some additional topics. She will likely want to hear about what is going on in your life, too. You can also talk about what you would like to do the next time you get together. That will give you a chance to lean more about what she likes to do when spending time with friends. 

I hope you will find my suggestions helpful. Have a great time with you friend!

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