Should I get my son a phone?

All his friends have one…

Yes, absolutely, says our elder. He’s missing out! Buy him a phone right now, but set some ground rules.

Dear EWC

My kid really wants a phone, and he is 12. Almost every single one of his friends has a phone and he feels left out a lot of the time. I feel bad for him, but I don’t know if he is ready to have that expensive of a thing, and I worry about what he could be exposed to. I fully trust him, but I just don’t know. What should I do?

Hedwig replies

Modern phones are becoming so much a part of us that they might as well be considered an extra limb. Your son is being left out if he is one of the few in his world without this convenience. Just think about the mere setting up of meetings with buddies and the ease at which everyone can be notified of a change of plans. Certainly, you should shop together, look at the various models — he does not need the most expensive one. You should discuss that this is a responsibility as well as a privilege. Make some rules together. Twelve is a good age to have this discussion. He is growing up and should deserve more privileges. If you trust him, show him that you do. By all means, get him a phone and share his enjoyment of it.

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