My gas station friend crush

I saw a girl in a gas station and I truly felt a connection. How can I see her again?

Don’t despair, says our elder. We all get flash crushes — they’re frustrating but fun.

Dear EWC

There is a gas station in my state that is really nice. I know that sounds odd, but stay with me. I went into the gas station with my mom and sister and I saw a girl in there. I’ve heard that whenever you find someone that is like your “ride or die” best friend or your special someone, you have this certain feeling. I felt that feeling. I honestly think this girl and I have some sort of connection/friendship. My mom and sister went to check out, and I went to the back where she was and wanted to say hi but was too scared. So I went to the car and then ran back inside again but I couldn’t find the girl. This was in the middle of our trip, hours away from my location in the same state. I think she might have lived near there and I have no idea if I will ever see her again.

Good-Listener replies

I think everyone has had the experience you described, at least once in their life. And, the vast majority of the time it is a flash crush and in truth, you never do see the person again. Life is funny, so sometimes you do run into the person. And, in truth, sometimes you meet the person again and say to yourself, “What was I thinking”? because they turn out to be nothing like you’ve fantasized.

Although frustrating, it is actually one of the fun parts of life. It’s happened to me and everyone I know (male or female!) You could be in a restaurant, airport, office of some kind… We become attracted to a person almost like a magnet, then poof! They are gone. But there will be others, so don’t despair. And the next time you get “hit”, you may be in a position to speak to the person. Try to feel better. This is a good thing — it says you have the ability to feel and an appreciation for life. Good luck!

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