That text was so awkward

My guy friend told me he liked me… by way of a cheesy text! I said we were just friends and now he just runs away. You did the right thing, says our elder — but you might still be able to go back to being friends.

Dear EWC

Hello, I just want to thank whoever is taking time out of their life to read this. So I used to have a guy friend and our friendship was ruined because of him. Last summer I was at my friend’s house and he was there too. Long story short, my guy friend confessed to me in front of my friend that he liked me. To be honest I thought it was a joke or something but it wasn’t — the next day he texted me. I still thought it was a joke so I asked him one more time if he really liked me and he did. He told me in a very cheesy way and I felt a little scared. So I told my mom and she texted him back. My mom said that our relationship was nothing but just friends. The next day he texted me back asking if it was OK if we were in a different relationship after we are done with college. That was how it ended but we both go to the same church, same afterschool, and same community service. So it’s even more awkward. Now wherever I go he always runs away. I feel bad to this day and I just wish we can be back to friends. What do I do?

Grandma-Speaking replies

You’re very welcome.
You were very wise to go to your mom when you received what you believed was an inappropriate text from your friend. Your mom did her job by letting your friend know he was off base by his cheesy remark, and now, he’s likely embarrassed… so he’s keeping his distance.
The text doesn’t necessarily mean your friend is a bad person. I’m guessing he hasn’t learned how to treat a young lady with respect. Some people might have let him get away with it… and you didn’t. Good for you,
It’s my view, it’s way too soon to know if either one of you would want to be within a relationship with each other after college. You might text him and tell him that… and let him know you would like to continue the friendship you had previously. I can’t say with certainty, but it may help his embarrassment and in time you may be able to salvage the friendship.
I hope my opinion is helpful to you. I wish you good luck and a very happy future. You’re always welcome to write again if you have another issue.

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