No, you can’t have my new dog!

My two aunts have fallen in love with my family’s new greyhound and now we’re all fighting over her!

You need to figure out what’s best for the dog, says our elder. But whatever happens, she will be well loved.

Dear EWC

So, today we got a blonde greyhound. She is very sweet and gets along very well with our other dog. My siblings, my dad, and I love her very much and we all wish to keep her (she was given to us by some friends). My mother loves her, but doesn’t want to keep her since she thinks one dog is enough.

The other day, my two aunts flew in and are staying at our house. One of my aunts recently lost her brand new puppy. She had parvo and got really sick, so they had to put her down (they only had her for a week). Her family is still currently mourning her (it’s been about four days since she passed). Anyway, they flew in and the next day we got our greyhound. My mother made the comment that we should give her to my aunt (this was while my dad was driving home with the dog in the car, so we had yet to meet her). My aunt got really excited and has started to make plans to fly her back home (though she hasn’t said anything to her family yet). Then when my dad finally got home with the greyhound, everyone fell in love with her. Currently, everyone in my family (except my mother) wants to keep her, my aunt wants her, and even my other aunt wants to take her home to her family. It has caused an awkward and tense atmosphere in the house since we all want the greyhound. I guess my question is, who should keep her? And how do we even start discussing this without creating more tension?

Sageworthy replies

Thank you for your very important question. It is understandable that you would bond so quickly with your greyhound, as she sounds like a wonderful dog. You are certainly in an awkward situation with three parties wanting her (lucky dog!)
In my opinion, a pet should be wanted by every member of the family before it is brought permanently into a home. If your mom does not want to keep her, for whatever reason, it is her prerogative. After all, it is a huge and lengthy commitment to care for an animal; no matter how cute and lovable they are.

As far as whether one of your aunts should get her, perhaps they should discuss between themselves as to which home, and which owner, would suit the dog best at this time. Perhaps they could talk about which travel arrangement would be least stressful for the dog, and who has the most time to spend with a new dog? Do other people in their homes want a dog? Questions like that.
All the above being said, I think it would be an act of great kindness and generosity, if your family were to give the dog to your aunt who lost her puppy (if her family agrees), as she most recently experienced the trauma of having to put down her beloved puppy. This way, there would be no discussion between the aunts. Your family would make the decision. I am sure your other aunt would understand the reason behind the decision.

I commend you for reaching out for some advice on this most delicate issue. Good for you! You seem like a wise and mature person. If your family decides to give the dog to one of your aunts, I hope you can take comfort in the fact that she will be well loved. Perhaps you can even visit her sometime. The more people that love a dog, the better, in my opinion.
I hope I have been able to shed some light on your situation. Good luck with whatever your family decides.

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