Grand Canyon or summer job?

My friend is planning a summer road trip but I don’t know if I should go. Can we really do Florida to the Grand Canyon in a week?

It sounds like you have a busy summer planned already, says our elder. You will have other chances to travel.

Dear EWC

I’m a college freshman and I’m very conflicted about what I should do this summer. A friend of mine is eagerly planning a cross country roadtrip. We went on a much smaller road trip several months ago with a couple other friends and it was so much fun. Although I would absolutely love to go on this trip with them, it conflicts with the other plans I had for my summer, namely working and spending quality time with my long distance boyfriend (we go to college in different states and only see each other a couple times a year). My friend is willing to squeeze the trip into a week in order to accomodate me, since I’m unsure how much time I can take off work, but I don’t think a trip from Florida to the Grand Canyon would be possible to do comfortably in a week if we want to explore along the way. I’m extremely conflicted on what to do. My friend pointed out that I can work for the rest of my life, but this roadtrip is an opportunity I may never get again. However, I’ve already applied for the summer job, and I really don’t want to spend too much time away from work and away from my boyfriend, especially since I’ve already committed to a week long family vacation later in the summer, and he’ll be gone for several weeks as well. I’m just worried I’m going to regret my decision if I choose not to go.

Dayle replies

I think you’ve already made a pretty good case for yourself not to go on the road trip. You’re right. To go from Florida to the Grand Canyon and back home in a week means almost nothing but driving, and no stopping along the way to see things. And there is a lot to see along the way if you only had the time. The other question is money. Do you want to lose a week’s pay at your job and spend your other money on the trip? You didn’t say, but I’m guessing you are working because you will want the earned money for school in the fall. And, then, would there be any vacation or time off to see your boyfriend if you take the trip? Your letter made it sound like you’d miss time with him.
These days, travel is easy and I’m sure another opportunity will come up in your life, sooner or later, to see the Grand Canyon or any of the interesting places along the way. I’m sure it would be great to spend this time with your friend, but it sounds like the two of you would be pushing that time together awfully hard, and that isn’t fair to either one of you. Your summer sounds pretty full with plans already, and if I were you, I’d stick with those and work out something else with your friend for another time.

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