Stuck with Mom’s new baby

My mom is having a baby and plans to go off traveling while my siblings and I look after it. Help!

Now is the time to say no, says our elder. And stick to it!

Dear EWC

My family is going through a sort of crisis. My mom is having a child at 43 years old and my whole family got into a big argument with her about it and she’s acting like a child screaming, crying, and yelling at us saying that we have no idea what she’s going through. But the truth is that we’re only arguing with her because she’s not the one that’s going to take care of the baby: me and my siblings are. When we were raised my mom was never around and we would be stuck at home most of the time taking care of each other. But with this new baby that isn’t born yet she’s acting we should all be super happy. But she doesn’t realize that she probably won’t be in the baby’s life. Keep in mind that there are four children in the house currently, including me. My oldest sister when she was in high school spent all her time taking care of my youngest sister. But now she’s going off to college so that means that me and my other sister are going to have to take care of this baby. But I just want to let my mom know that I want nothing to do with this baby and I don’t want to spend my high school year taking care of it. My mom already said that once my older sister leaves she is going to travel the world. So what should I do?

Bill replies

I’m glad you’ve reached out to us here at EWC. I hope these thoughts will be helpful.
If you think you can say “no,” and stick to it, you should tell her now, give her fair warning, and the first time she asks you to take care of the newborn, remind her of your earlier warning and carry through with it.

But any other siblings in the home would have to do the same thing, or they’ll be stuck with baby’s care.

If you and they stick to your guns, your mother, if she does not stick around and take care of the baby, will be subject to the law and risks losing the baby to foster care. Good luck!

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