What if someone finds out?

Our elder advises a cross-dresser who wonders whether to keep his hobby a secret…or spill the tea.

Dear EWC:

Hey, my name is Kyle and I am a boy who cross-dresses, but I am still a boy. I still like girls and all the normal boy things but, sometimes when I am alone, I put on dresses and skirts and girl clothes. I don’t want anyone to know, and I want to stop when I am older, meaning when I get a girlfriend, because being a boy is who I am and crossdressing is more of a hobby.

I do it alone but what if someone finds out? Help me to be OK with my hobby, or is it too weird and I should stop now and never do it again?

P.S. Kyle is not my real name. I just don’t want to say my real name.

Tutu-Debbie replies:

Just because you like to cross-dress does not affect your gender, Kyle. While most people keep this kind of thing a secret for fear of being considered unmanly, this is not an uncommon hobby.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in our society cannot allow others to express themselves without judging them. For that reason, I would not share this hobby with others as long as you enjoy it by yourself.

If, on the other hand, you choose to talk about cross-dressing or display your hobby to others, that is perfectly okay too. When you enter into a serious long-term relationship with a girl, it would be hard to hide this from someone living with you. In the meantime, I hope this website may help answer some of your questions.
Good luck to you!

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