COVID: Class dismissed!

Taking over for teachers while tending to toddlers…

That’s a lot to handle for one nanny, says our elder. It’s time for a chat with the parents.

Dear EWC:

Because of the Coronavirus, schools are shutting down in my area. I’m a nanny. I watch four kids. Two are just toddlers and the other two go to school.

But the two kids go to two different schools; they are cousins. They luckily are both in the 2nd grade. But I’ve never done any online schooling and the one boy does half online and half go to school but the other child’s school is now closing and I don’t know how I’m gonna manage watching two toddlers that are both only 1 years old and doing school for two kids all at the same time by myself.

The schools said they aren’t doing zoom chats they just send videos and hope the parent or guardian or in my case the nanny can figure out the best way to teach. It just has me feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering if I can even do this. Any advice would be helpful.

Good-Listener replies:

You have certainly been put in a terrible position. Taking care of 4 children is a complete challenge in itself, but now being given the responsibility to essentially homeschool two of them? Honestly, that seems completely unreasonable to me, and I question the judgment of the parents.

You’re not trained as a teacher, nor was this the deal when you took the job. So, it seems to me that you have a decision to make whether or not you wish to remain in the position. The bottom line is that you can only try your hardest, and speak honestly to the parents, who don’t seem to be exercising common sense. Why you would even need to explain the awful position they are putting you in is beyond me, but, perhaps they are too busy to or don’t value education in the same way others do.

Nothing is worth your physical or mental health, so if you can’t maintain either, then please take care of yourself and find another job if you can. The family will survive although I have the feeling it will be their loss; you seem like a very caring and competent individual.

Again, decide if you want to remain. If you do, have a talk with the parents, and go from there. I wish you only good luck!



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