How to fill in the blank?

He’s been out of work for two years. Should he fake his experience?

Obviously not, says our elder—and here’s a way to explain the hiatus.

Dear EWC:

I graduated 2 years ago and I didn’t apply for any job in my country since I decided to go straight to Japan and start to work there. In order to work in Japan, I have to pass a certain level in Japanese language proficiency test. So, I have been studying only Japanese language since then and now because of the coronavirus situation, I can’t even take a Japanese language exam at least until next year. So I am reconsidering an entry level job to gain experience in my country for now.

The problem is that I am unemployed for 2 years now and I’m afraid that there is a huge time gap. Should I honestly apply for the job and hope for the best. Or should I lie about my 6 months experience in a job that is completely different from what I am applying for. For example, the company is offering a translator job and I fill my CV with a fake 6 months caretaker experience. I just want them to believe that I’ve not been doing nothing for all those 2 years. What should I do?

John-Counsel replies:

I understand your anxiety about applying for jobs. You certainly want to present yourself in the best possible manner but please consider that faking your CV is not putting your best foot forward. I suspect that you know this; otherwise you would not ask the question and seek advice about this matter.

I suggest that you tell the truth and present yourself as a resourceful and ambitious young man, who knows how to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Your goal was to work in Japan. To do that you knew you had to learn the language, and that is exactly what you did. Now your goal is to build your resume with a good work record.

Employers look for responsible, intelligent, and resourceful candidates for their jobs–people on whom they can depend. I think it is important that you tell the truth and present yourself as an honest and dependable candidate who has the capacity and ability to do what the job demands.

I wish you well and, like you, hope that the pandemic passes so we can all move on to bigger dreams. In the meantime, be true to yourself and be strong. Take care and good luck with the job search!


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