Out of a job

He was fired right before Christmas.
Find out how our elder suggested he share the untimely news—and look for work during the holiday season.

Dear EWC:

I’ve recently been fired from my job; it’s the first job I’ve been fired from. I appreciate your advice on how I can tell my parents and my landlord. I have only £500 left from last payday and this has to last me till I find another job. I fear it’s going to be hard to find one so close to Christmas.

Helen replies:

I certainly understand how you feel. Being fired, rejected in any way, is very disheartening. You didn’t say WHY you were fired and that is important. If you lost your job through no fault of your own, you haven’t got much control in this situation. If you did something wrong, you must learn from it, never make the same mistake again, and move on!

I am not sure how this works in the UK but here in the US, companies are hiring already for the Christmas holidays. Especially in the retail industry, it is a good time to get a job. The jobs may be temporary and part-time but they sometimes lead to permanent full-time work. Some are sales positions, some are stocking shelves, delivery, etc., but you need to find out what’s available.

Sit down and explain what happened to your parents. Hopefully, they will understand. If necessary, you may be able to move back in with your parents until you can get a full time job that will provide you with the income you need to go back out on your own.
Your landlord may not be as understanding because he/she doesn’t want to lose their rental income but you can still talk with him/her and find out what your options may be.

I hope these thoughts are helpful and I wish you great success.


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