3 years, 3 schools. What now?

A letter writer is looking for direction, perhaps towards a bachelor’s degree.

Some of your credits may be eligible for transfer, says our elder. Speaking to a counselor at college will help.

Dear EWC

Hi, thank you all for reading this. I am not sure exactly where to ask these questions and find resources that would help me out. I need help with figuring out how to move forward to have some kind of career. I’m 22, just married, and we plan on having a family soon. I want to try to use the skills I have to help people out and provide for my family. I’ve been to college for three years, three different schools. I went to art school for the first year. It was a disaster and I had a massive change of perspective afterward that completely changed my direction in life. Unfortunately none of those credits really transfer anywhere. I transferred to a completely different kind of school where eventually, due to Covid, I am now finishing up with an associates degree in theology. I cherish that degree and the time spent earning it, but due to my marriage and the pandemic I have to really hunker down and find something that can provide some sense of stability. How do I get some kind of bachelor’s, move forward with education, or find a meaningful career as fast as possible? I know there are many creative ways to tackle education and even career in the modern age. Thanks so much and God bless.

Papa-Smokey replies

I would suggest you make an appointment with a guidance/career counselor at a local four-year college or at a college you would like to attend. These counselors can tell you what credits are eligible for transfer and what kinds of degrees and curriculum they offer. Different schools may vary in what credits earned at another college are eligible for transfer so you may want to check with several different colleges. It’s common for many people to earn an associates degree and then by taking additional courses earn a bachelor’s degree. 

Before picking a major field of study consider what kinds of jobs you will qualify for after earning a bachelor’s degree. Make sure you think this field is a good match for your interests and skill sets. Also consider such items as the supply of jobs related to this field, compensation, and stability of the job.

If you feel like you need to earn income quicker than waiting to complete your degree perhaps you can work full or part time and take a few courses at night. The downside to this is that it will take longer to earn your degree.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Good luck!



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