I want to begin my own story

My boss sees me as worthless, but I want to look out for myself and be happy. 

You’re on the right track, says our elder. College counselling and night school might be a good next step.


Dear EWC

I’m not sure what I want to do one day. I am an artistic person and I am an outside-the-box thinker. I adapt quickly and I am a people person. I’m looking for something that I can start a living from. I want to be able to look after myself one day and be happy. At this moment I’m working for a boss that sees me as worthless even though I’m the best worker he will ever get, if I may say so myself. I’m loyal and I always help where I can and I always try my best to succeed. All I’m looking for is the right path to start my journey and begin my own story, one I can rely on. Please help me.


Mrs.G replies

Trying to choose a career is a difficult process, but there are ways of doing it. A good way to begin is to go to a local college and talk with a counselor. I don’t know what’s available to you in your area, but any school you have could have information for you. It could be an accredited college, a business school, or a trade school. Some schools even provide tests that you can take to determine your interests and your aptitude.

It’s important to realize, however, that you could choose a career path and then change your mind. Whatever you pursue doesn’t have to be permanent. Some people begin studying one subject and then switch to another one as their interests change. The only way you will know is if you start something – anything.

In the meantime, it’s good to know you are employed. Even though you are not appreciated, and that can happen a lot, I suggest you keep this job. Think of it as just a stepping stone to your life ahead. Besides, should you get an opportunity to apply for another job, it always helps when you are already employed. When you go for an interview, it can be in your favor to say you are working rather than have to say you are doing nothing.

If you are working full time now, you might have to consider night school if you want to further your education. Actually, that would be the best route for you to take. I imagine you would want to begin a career path on your own with your own ideas, but you can’t rule out education and training. Even just one night school class could help you.

I think it’s exciting for you, that you are thinking of your future so keep your dreams flowing. You are definitely on the right track when you say you want to be able to look out for yourself and you want to be happy. Give yourself time, plan carefully, and you will succeed. I sure do wish you luck. Take care.

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  1. Good day every one, this is my first time been here and I will like to chat with people of good faith

    1. Administration Reply
      November 24, 2021

      Hello. If you’d like to connect with an elder for some advice, please go to our website and an elder will respond. They do not respond to posts on Facebook in order to maintain confidentiality.

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