I’m a Jack of all trades

What careers are open to people like me? 

Keep trying new things, says our elder. And remember, life is not a narrow road. Think of it as a tapestry.


Dear EWC

I am a high school student. I chose a subject for self-improvement, while my family and peers think that I have made a wrong decision. I consider myself as a Jack of all trades and master of none, and people around me agree. But they all have huge expectations from me. That I would have a good career, a settled life. While I just want to learn new things, and enjoy it. What would be a proper job for a person like me? I am interested in social work though, but I have to earn enough money to support my family too. This letter seems poorly written right? Ha-ha, I am just so confused. Thanking you beforehand, A confused teenager.


Georgia-Nana replies

The first thought that came to mind when I read your letter is that it may be a bit early to decide, once and for all, what your eventual course in life will be. You stated that you are a teenager. That is a time to do just what you are doing – trying out new things. By doing that, you will increase the chance that you will find your life’s true calling.

In today’s world, older people often have high expectations of younger people. They may want you to settle on one interest and focus on that in college. This is a societal expectation, so your challenge is to reconcile their wishes for you with the desires of your own heart.

You said you are interested in social work, which I consider a very worthy occupation. It is a good idea to dig deeply into any profession that interests you and in the case of social work, learn about the different sub-categories of social work as this is a broad field where a great many types of services are offered. A search engine can help you find these answers.

Knowledge is power! 🙂 Immerse yourself in the subjects that call out to your heart. Talk to people in your fields of interest. See if you can get an internship in one of those professions. Volunteer work can be interesting and rewarding. Don’t be afraid to step forward and politely ask for what you want. Keep good notes on what you discover.

It’s a good idea, I believe, to keep a notebook with names of people, phone numbers, and notes about your experiences in a particular field. 

Many very successful people change their fields of study and careers throughout their lives. You have that wonderful quality of being open to new experiences and knowledge. Just be you and try not to worry about what other people think, but always be kind and listen to their viewpoints. Ask them follow up questions and this can help you establish connections that may benefit you in the long run.

It can be helpful to think of life as a tapestry we are weaving or a painting we are creating, rather than a narrow road that leads straight ahead.

I wish you the very best in your education, work, and life.

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