Drained by my job

This letter writer hates their job and wants their weekends back. 

Our elder might just have a solution.


Dear EWC

Hi, I suffer from depression and anxiety in which I have been signed off work since December last year. I hate my job as they don’t care about me, stresses me out, have no time for family/friends and it’s totally draining! I really want a job that’s stress-free Mon-Fri that pays enough to live on! Admittedly I’m very nervous about getting a new job as I’ve only really done the job I’m in now but I hate it now and want my weekends and time back!


Danray replies

I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering from anxiety and depression. It must be very difficult to have a job that stresses you out, is totally draining and doesn’t allow time for family and friends. I have also suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and have a sense of what you may be going through. 

The bad news is that you are going through this rough time at your job but the good news is that you realize that you have a problem and need to deal with it. Clearly, you can’t have a job that causes you this amount of stress and it’s important that you have a “balanced” life that includes family and friends. 

I would seek the help of a job placement service. They are in a position to assess your skills, understand your time constraints and to match you to jobs available in your area. You didn’t mention where you are located but you can go online to look for job placement agencies. Don’t be afraid to ask them how they work and get compensated. I have a number of friends that have used these types of agencies in the past and it was a great way to get them started in the workplace and/or to find a new job. Most agencies can also help with skills development (if that’s an issue) and what resources are also available in that area. 

Please be aware that to some extent there will always be some job stress. Also, it’s not unusual for companies to ask employees to have some time flexibility. The key is to find a job that takes advantage of your skills, pays you a fair wage, has a positive environment and allows you to grow your work value. Hopefully, you can find that type of opportunity. 

Hope this helps and I do wish you the best.   

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