Religion is a fake!

A letter writer is questioning the truth of what he’s been taught. 

Investigate different religions and come to your own conclusions, says our elder.


Dear EWC

I wish to talk to a person who has professional knowledge (university level) on the combined subjects of philosophy and religion. I sincerely believe that religion is totally a fake. There is a well-known saying that “Religion is man’s greatest invention”. A simple way of proving this is to ask believers to tell us anything that GOD has ever said to anybody, past or present. Remember, it is asking what GOD has said HIMSELF. Phrases such as “God has sent his only begotten son” are not God’s words. The only way we know about God is through what Jesus said about him, but how do we know it was the truth? Jesus was not God, just a human who tried to help us. 


Hedwig replies

There are certain questions to which we have no answers:

  1.   Why are we here?
  2.   Is there any purpose to our lives?
  3.   What happens to us after we die?

All religions attempt to answer these questions and – as you may have noticed – none has discovered the real answers.

People are often comforted by the answer’s religion presents – and it gives them guidelines to live their lives by. Certainly, it is better to obey the Ten Commandments than to go around cheating and killing each other.

The biggest problem with many religions lies with those who believe their specific religion has all the right answers and that non-believers do not have a right to live by their unique beliefs. Certainly, this has caused many wars and deaths – in the past and in the present.

There have been philosophers who have tried to find what is common to all religions. Look at Universalism. 

One such universal philosophy is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The value of religion lies in its ethical concerns, not in labeling believers and non-believers.

Yes – religion is man’s invention. Although different men reached different conclusions – Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed. 

The best result is a moral code.

It is possible to believe in God and still be an evil person.

It is possible to not believe in God and still be a good person.

It is good that you are questioning. Never accept anything on blind faith. I suggest that you investigate specific religions, looking at the good and the bad of what each has preached. Then – draw a conclusion for yourself. I think that is what most thinking people do, and you are obviously a thinking person. 

Best Regards,


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