How to talk to my entrepreneur

I really like this guy but he’s a business major and we don’t have much in common. How can I talk to him? 

Our elder has a tip – ask him questions, and listen to the answers. 


Dear EWC

There is this guy that I really like! I am very close to him and we are those friends that are defined as more than just good friends and everyone can see it but are not in a relationship. He is a business entrepreneur major at his college and I am an early education major at mine. He says we don’t have much to talk about. His life is centered around business and I find it so interesting but I do not know how to talk about that. How can I talk to this business entrepreneur?


Good-Listener replies

Your issue with keeping a conversation going is not uncommon at all – I’ve had it more times than you can imagine. The good news is, in most cases, it can be overcome. My best suggestion is to ask questions, and to seriously listen, and ask more questions about what he has just told you. That demonstrates to him that you have been listening, and everyone (especially) guys want to feel important and flattered!

If he discusses a topic or type of business with you, do a Google search and be armed with a little more info for the next conversation. If he sees that you are interested enough to look something up and ask him about it, you’ll gain points in his eyes. I’ve had conversations with people who are in studies or businesses I don’t have a clue about, and getting to know more is half the fun. You can endear yourself to him with a little curiosity, which, as I said above, may lead to a little flattery, and want him to talk more. This works with anyone, by the way – not just a guy you may fancy. Try showing interest and curiosity and see if it moves him a little. Good luck!

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