And then the pandemic happened

This letter writer loved to study until Covid-19 hit. Now they just feel stuck. 

Can our elder help them get their mojo back?


Dear EWC


I’m a college student. I loved to study until the pandemic hit and lockdown happened. My 12th boards were going on when people started being affected by the Covid-19 virus. The cases had started increasing rapidly. As you know, lockdown happened. My exams got postponed first and then got canceled. I was very sad because I prepared a lot and I was so sure that I would perform great, I would enjoy every bit of my exams. But nothing happened. I also had plans about what I was going to do in college. How I’d learn many new things, not just from my A-CATS. I decided to do some other extra things. But in lockdown all my discipline went away. And now after almost two years my studies are starting again. But I have no motivation, no interest, no focus, nothing. I plan to do an MBA after my college. So, I decided to not take any gap year. But before that I also have some other problems like my communication skills, my experience and also, I’m facing financial issues. But I don’t have any skills that I can use to do some work. And I want a healthy body, some experience and knowledge and also want my interest back in my studies, my subjects which I used to love. And as per my decision of not taking a gap year I have a year and a half to do all these things. That’s why I’m stuck. Please help me please.


Papa-Smokey replies


You are not alone in having issues recovering your enthusiasm as a result of Covid. Many of us had to put our lives on hold for over a year and it’s hard to get restarted. The best thing to do is to dive back in. Perhaps since we are all going through this together you can form a support, study group with some of your friends and fellow students. Being able to study for your exams together and help each other through the ups and downs of this process can help with both preparation, discipline and morale. My guess is that since before you had the confidence that you would do well that feeling will come back again with the help of support from others.

With regard to having financial issues perhaps once you begin college you can take courses part-time allowing you to get a part-time job and earn some money. Another possibility would be applying for financial aid from colleges including grants, loans and a job. I would suggest you discuss all these issues with a guidance/career counselor at the school you’re attending. I’m sure many students are having the same issues you are and would think these counselors would be able to provide some good advice.


I hope these suggestions are helpful. Good luck!


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