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An entrepreneurial letter writer is still at high school but can’t wait to start working towards his career. 

You are to be congratulated, says our elder. Here’s what you can do right now.


Dear EWC

I am a 16-year-old going into junior year and I am not satisfied and bored with my life. School is okay. I have a 3.2 GPA just to make my parents happy, I have a job working only a few hours a day M-F. I feel like there is nothing to do, especially because it is summer and I feel the need to make more money and work toward my goals. I am willing to do anything and am willing to put in the work I just don’t know what to do. I like the idea of entrepreneurship and investing in real estate and stocks, but I do not know what to do right now. I can go to college which my parents will partially pay for but am I not worried about that. My main question is what can I do right now, in high school (summer or school years) to make money, work toward a career, and gain experience in the real world?


Kwasi replies

You sound like a very mature young man. It is excellent that you are ambitious and thinking about the future. I hope I can help you with some good ideas.

Do you have family or friends whose families are entrepreneurs? They may be a good resource for employment and advice.

Of course, there are employment opportunities in the classified section of newspapers, posters around town, etc. Perhaps a school counselor knows of some job opportunities. Similarly, depending on where you live, your local city or county may have programs for teen employment during the summer.

Are you active in scouting or a similar organization? I know that scouting offers instruction and badges in entrepreneurship and investing. Similarly, depending upon where you live, there may be other organizations, like 4-H or Boys and Girls Clubs.

The US Small Business Administration offers some training and resources for people interested in small businesses:

I am not “pushing” or endorsing Fidelity Investments Company, but a friend used this site to help his sons learn about many of the issues you raise.

If you have access to a public librarian, the librarian there may be able to refer you to some local employment resources. My wife is a retired child/teen librarian and knows many teens who have used this site: I believe there are games to learn about the market (and not risk any real money!). 

Obtaining real-world experience is invaluable and will assist you in your college studies- especially if you pursue Business Administration. 

I congratulate you on your maturity and diligence. I am confident you will do well. Your diligence and proactiveness in seeking advice are fantastic. Those traits will serve you well.

Be well and take care.

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