My Boss Wrote Me Up And Never Told Me!

I was on a company website and found out I was on a Performance Improvement Plan. I have proof that what she wrote is false. What should I do?” 

Our Elder Says: You need to ask your manager about this. If you don’t have a good relationship with her, talk to HR and request that they follow up. But talk to someone in person before responding in writing.


Dear EWC,

My boss wrote me up without telling me! I found out by chance, when I went on one of our company websites, that my boss wrote me up over a month ago and never told me! I am on a Performance Improvement Plan and was never told! No verbal warning. No discussion! Nothing! In addition, I didn’t have access to the website the write up is on until recently. I am shocked and disgusted by this! I am forty-five and a conscientious worker. I had never been written up at any job in my life! To make matters worse, what she wrote me up for was either a misunderstanding or an all-out lie! I have proof that what she said isn’t true. There’s a place to respond on the Website. Would you write a rebuttal? Is she trying to create a paper trail and fire me? I am very upset! Any advice appreciated!


CiCi Response

Dear Vanessa,

This situation sounds very strange.  In my experience, your manager can’t actually put you on PIP without telling you about it.  I am wondering if there has been some sort of mistake, especially since you say the information in the PIP is wrong.  Perhaps the PIP has been assigned to the wrong employee on the web site. If you have a reasonably good relationship with your manager, you can try asking her about it.  You can say something like: “I am really confused.  I saw this on the web site, but I never heard anything about it from you.  Is this PIP really for me?  If so, we need to talk about it.”  If you don’t have that kind of relationship with your manager, then you need to talk to someone in HR.  You need to let them know you found the PIP on the web site, but your manager has never mentioned it to you.  Request that HR follow up with your manager.  I would not respond on the web site before talking to someone in person about the PIP.  

I found a nice article about handling a PIP here: Employee PIP Info.  If the PIP really is for you, you might find some of the thoughts and recommendations in that article helpful.

Vanessa, I really hope there has been a mistake and the PIP is not for you.  I would love to hear back from you on how things work out.

Best Regards,


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