Feedback 6 years after the advice was provided

Hello Pickles Marie
I don’t think this website gets emails such as these but if anyone could contact Elder “PicklesMarie” and give her this follow up.

This email chain from long ago has helped me a lot throughout my life and I would like to properly thank this person.

My mother is 5 years cancer free, I am currently enrolled in college pursuing Mechanical Engineering and graduating 2020, and I have had my personal struggles like surviving personal illness, death of family members, or verbally abusive boyfriend (don’t worry he’s long gone and can’t hurt me anymore), and many more events that many people would say to me, wow your life sounded so horrible but your so strong and got through it all. and that’s precisely what I did. I stayed positive despite anything that still happens to me and I had a motto to replace negative thoughts with positive, and I don’t remember where I got this saying from until I was clearing and deleting old emails such as these. If this email disappears in the abyss , I hope you know your website helped a young teenager stay positive and it helped me throughout my life, and when I had lost hope… this email chain gave me the strength I needed to get through my daily activities.

Best Regards,

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  1. Administration Reply
    May 30, 2018

    hello, this is a test

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