Ew! He smells… down there

After five months of dating, her boyfriend’s annoying habits are starting to get to her.
Our elder thinks perhaps he’s not the one—could it be time to find a new Prince Charming?


Dear EWC

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost five months. A lot of things he does annoy me. For instance, I hate when he copies me, I’ve told him so many times I don’t like to be smothered but yet he does it. Personal hygiene is a big thing to me and he doesn’t really care about it at all. His penis smells like pee all of the time so it’s so freaking hard to get intimate and I dont have the slightest idea on how to tell him kindly. I’m three years younger than him. It just bothers me that a man his age should already know these things.

Constance F replies

Well, in my experience, the bloom is off the rose. You thought this guy was Prince Charming and it turns out he’s Homer Simpson. These are probably deal breakers. Five months is not a long time when you consider that your whole life is in front of you. I know that I woke up one morning next to my then-husband and just knew that I didn’t want to wake up to him for the next five years. Or even the next day. I just wasn’t willing to overlook the stuff that drove me crazy anymore.

I know there’s an inclination, especially for women, to think “Oh, I love him soooooo much, all these little things shouldn’t bother me. I must be a bad person/immature character that I can’t handle this little stuff.” Not so. It’s the little things that build and build and build until you want to scream.

So unless you want to play Marge to Homer, I suggest moving on. Find Prince Charming. Just know that he probably farts too. In other words, we all have faults. But find someone whose faults are acceptable to you and whom you can love in spite of their faults, just as they’ll love you in spite of yours. He’s out there, but I don’t think this is the one. Good luck to you.

Best Regards,

Elder ConstanceF

Reference: #409935

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