A date in the park

A letter writer wants to know if it’s OK to take a date to an event where he’ll be working.

Not the best idea, says our elder; try wooing her with flowers instead.

Dear EWC

Whoever is reading this, I need help to win this girl over. I work for the Parks and Recreation service in my hometown. I’m thinking about asking this girl to go on a date with me to a concert in the park or movie in the park, but I would be working at these events so I’m thinking should I take her out and call off of work or should I find another event to take her to? Also I would like to bring this sort of chivalry or gentleman trait with me during the date. Have you got any tips to help me on mission?

Hildegard replies

If you want to make this girl feel special, don’t take her to an event where you are working. Take her someplace that you think she will enjoy. Find out her interests and choose an activity that will appeal to her. To be gentlemanly, you should pay for the date, open doors for her and do those common mannerly things. When you talk with her, show interest in what she thinks and ask her lots of questions about herself. If you want bonus points, bring her flowers when you pick her up for the date. Depending on the girl, some or all of these steps may not be necessary every time you see her, but it sounds like you want to make a good impression—so you should go all out. I’m not suggesting that you have to pay for every date. You can take turns paying or the person who asks can treat the other. But, for the first date, make it your treat. Remember to be polite to wait staff and other people with whom you interact, too, as no one wants to be with someone who is rude to others. Just be yourself and consider her preferences and you’ll be fine. Good luck on your date. I’m sure she’s going to have a super time with you!

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