Can’t go on without my kitten

A letter writer was devastated after having to give away their kitten due to a cat allergy.

Our elder can sympathize.

Dear EWC

So recently this summer I got something I’ve always wanted, a kitten. It was so adorable and I loved it. I wanted to treat it with so much care and give it so much love. When I had nobody to talk to I would just rant to the kitten (even though it won’t understand). It would sleep on my lap and it was so cuddly and sweet. But unfortunately I started getting sick. I got a blood test and the results said that I was severely allergic to cats. I was devastated and heart-broken. When my doctor said I had to give the kitten away I refused. Even my mom and dad said I should but this cat meant too much to me. After two months of having it I knew it was time to give it away. I really really didn’t want to, I love the kitten, but I would constantly have severe allergic reactions and it was too much for my body to handle.

I put the kitten up on kijiji and lots of people contacted me. September 3, 2018 2:00 pm it was gone with its new owner. I’m just so devastated and depressed about it being gone. I just feel lazy and dragged down, as if I can’t do anything anymore. I don’t feel happy. Another pet would not be the same. I loved my kitten and that feeling cannot be replaced. I just want to be happy again and stop crying every night. I hate going to the cat home I still have and just crying, knowing that the kitten is no longer in there. I’m sick of the pain in my heart. Advice?

Nance replies

I am so sorry that you had to give your kitten to someone else. I know how it feels when that happens because I had a kitten that I loved like you loved yours. Everything was great. I had a baby and the baby was very allergic to the kitten, so the doctor said to me, “You need to get rid of the kitten or the baby!” He was joking about the baby, and it was a silly thing to say, but I knew it was the kitten that was going. I got over it very quickly because I had a baby to love and take care of, so it’s not quite the same as what you are going through, but I still missed the kitten.

I can relate though, as eventually I did get another kitten, when my son was grown up and out of the house. His name was Spunky and he lived with me for 15 years, which is a very long time for cats. When he left us (he got sick) I was heartbroken like you are now. It was very hard not to have him waiting at the front window when I came home every day, and not cuddling with him every night while watching TV or reading. Everyone said I would get over it in time, but I didn’t want to hear that. He was part of the family and I missed him terribly. Amazing though, people were right and in time I did not forget him, but it didn’t hurt to think about him anymore. Now I can look at his pictures and smile.

I know you loved your kitten, but in time, yes, in time you will be able to think about it and smile, knowing that you gave it to a good home. Who knows, maybe you will find another animal that you are not allergic to and fall in love all over again! I hope so!

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