Worried about tax at 12!

A letter writer is getting stressed about grown-up life.

Can our elder help him to enjoy his youth instead?

Dear EWC

I search for scholarships in my state. I get things done way before I should. I could go on, but that’s not the problem. I’m twelve. Twelve! I know I shouldn’t worry about this kind of stuff, but I can’t help but let a little worry about school, college, future, taxes, bills, etc. Please help!

Grandpa Bill replies

Something you experienced in your past or something you overheard adults discussing has caused you to feel like you need to act like an adult and take on adult responsibilities, which worries you. While it is good to be responsible and plan ahead, the problem with thinking so far ahead into your future is that you are not fully enjoying your childhood and living in the present. This is the only time in your life when you don’t have lots of responsibilities and can enjoy time with friends and enjoy your days. Other than school and chores, you are pretty much carefree like you will never again be in your life. This time will pass quickly and you will never be able to get it back again, so you need to dismiss your worries and focus on your life as a 12 year old now and enjoy each day. You need to plan fun things into your week to do with friends.

Also, putting all this unnecessary stress on yourself will only impact your health in a negative way in the future.  Just do your best in school, as that is all anyone can ask and that is your only job right now. And try to enjoy the experience of going to school, seeing your friends every day and doing things with them before and after school and evenings and summers.  You will have plenty of time and assistance to search for a scholarship when you are a junior and senior in high school and you will have plenty of time to find one. Even if you didn’t find one, you would still be able to go to school part time and work part time and still get to your goals, or even work for the university to get discounted tuition. You will be OK.

You have to realize that you are just a child and you should be enjoying your childhood, not trying to be an adult. It is not normal to have these worries. Everything will be fine when you are an adult.  Plan in some fun things each week and do some things to relieve your stress, such as take a walk with upbeat music or go with a friend; or take a hike or bike ride, or go fishing or running or play tennis or go bowling. Start a new hobby or interest, or make something creative.  Take a fun class such as how to do stained glass or painting, or learn to play an instrument like the ukulele so you can play and sing and relieve your stress. Join a team or league or group of some kind to enjoy an activity.

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