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Why won’t my high school let me, asks a letter writer.

Our elder may have a plan…

Dear EWC

I want to be homeschooled or do online school, and my parents are OK with it. The only problem is that my school does not let me. Ever since freshman year, (last year) I have been wanting to be homeschooled because school makes me want to cry every time I go, and I hate the people there. There are a lot of bad people and since there are so many people like that, the school cannot make a change just for me. They asked who specifically, and I said the whole school in general. I cried in front of my counselor and everything and now she thinks someone is bullying me. I simply do not want to go to school because of the people there and they cannot change that! I just want to be homeschooled or do online school and I think they have just been making it more difficult. They told me this is not a reason why I should be homeschooled. What can I do? School is the cause of most of my depression. They don’t understand me and I do not want to go through my junior year like this. Please help me! I want to do home schooling or online school.

Folk replies

Homeschooling is legal and permissible in all 50 states, so regardless of where you live, your school has to allow you to enroll in an online high school if this is what you want to do. The problem is that you did not go to your counselor with a plan, you only went with a wish. Your school is not trying to keep you from being home-schooled. They are just trying to make sure that you get the education that the laws of you state require. They are also trying to look out for you. If they think that the reason you want to be home-schooled is that you are being bullied at school, they would like to stop the bullying so that you stay in school if that is what you’d rather do.

It sounds to me though as if your mind is made up, so if you are sure that this is what you want and your parents support your decision, then this is what you need to do:

1. If either or both of your parents are going to be your home school teachers, have them research what the requirements are for home schooling in your home state. Some states require home school teachers to have a certain level of education, and others require homeschooling families to regularly submit proof of academic progress through standardized tests.

As an alternative to being taught by your parents, you can enroll in an accredited online high school instead. The licensed educators at your online high school will review your portfolio and submit letters detailing your progress to the state.

You can find the laws for your state here.

And here is one example of an online high school. There are plenty of others online though for you to choose from.

2. Have your parents write a letter to your school principal explaining what their plan is for you to complete your education. Include the last date you will attending your old school, the date you will start your new one, and your contact information in case there are any questions. Community colleges accept homeschoolers into low level classes, so be sure to check out what they have to offer that you might be interested in.

Home schooling is NOT for everybody. I homeschooled three of my children, and I can tell you from experience that it takes a lot of motivation, self-direction, and plain hard work to be homeschooled successfully. If the only reason you want to be homeschooled is that you hate the school you are in and are looking for an easy out, you may find being home-schooled difficult.  But if you are organized and invested in getting an education, you will probably be much happier being home-schooled than you are right now.

I encourage you to connect with your local state or regional organization for additional information about homeschooling in your area. They will also be able to help you if your school offers resistance to the plan your parents propose. You can find the name of your local organization here.

I hope this helps. We are always here if you have further questions or need any more advice. I hope home schooling makes you life happier for you.

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