It’s a date, not a hangout!

A letter writer and his friend are going to try and take their relationship out of the friend zone.

How can they make their first proper date feel romantic? Our elder has some suggestions.

Dear EWC

Hi! 22/m here, So, this girl and I have been really close friends for about six months or so. We hang out regularly and it was always just that, friends. However we inevitably grew some feelings for each other and we mutually decided to try and go on an actual romantic date. My question is this, how do I approach the date and not be viewed in her mind as “the guy best friend”? What can I do personally during the date to remind her it’s a romantic date and not just another one of our hangouts? Thanks.

Grandpa-Bill replies

What you can do is plan something new, that the two of you have never tried together, such as indoor skydiving, rollerskating, ice skating, or something in an environment you haven’t been to. This way it is a change of venue and a change from the same old things. Dress up and bring flowers or a corsage to her when you get there to pick her up and a gift for her mom. Introduce yourself to her parents. Plan something at a romantic restaurant with white tablecloths and candles, or a dinner cruise, or plan a picnic on a beach or at a park. Have romantic music playing, and fancy foods you two normally don’t eat.

Anything different and new in a new environment should help set the tone.

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