Summer: work or push-ups?

I just enlisted in the Marines. Should I spend the summer working or training?

Have fun, says our elder. You’ll be glad you prepared for boot camp!

Dear EWC

Hello, This past month I just enlisted in the Marines and I ship out to boot camp in October. I am a senior in high school and only have one summer left to have fun. I don’t know if I should get a summer job or not because I have a lot of money saved up in the bank and want to enjoy this summer and train. What should I do?

JensPen replies

Congratulations on your upcoming high school graduation and for enlisting in the Marines. Serving our country is a very selfless and honorable endeavor.

I totally understand your summer dilemma and will give you some wisdom from my husband, who served in the Army in Vietnam as a combat helicopter, training and test pilot. He suggests that if you can afford to not work this summer that spending your time training in preparation for boot camp would be highly recommended. He recalls doing countless push-ups, jumping jacks and running long distances in preparation for the grueling requirements to pass basic.

You can have fun this summer and prepare for boot camp. You will be glad you are in shape the first time your Drill Instructor tells you to “drop and give me ten”.

Good luck and thank you for serving our country!

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