How can I get rich?

A letter writer wonders if he should give up on his dreams to follow the money.

There’s more to life than money, warns our elder.

Dear EWC

Hi, I’m 16. I really don’t know what I wanna do in the future cause I want money and I was thinking of becoming a businessman, but at the same time, I wanna do something that I like (police). Problem is my grades haven’t been that good lately, so each day I see my hopes of becoming wealthy die. So I don’t know what to do. Should I give up my dreams of becoming rich and do something I actually want to do, or do I go where the money is? Please help ASAP thanks 🙂

Paul-Dad replies

Thanks for writing to us. I like the fact that you’re ambitious, but I’m also a little concerned that you’re so driven to become rich. There’s a lot more to an enjoyable life than just money.

Nobody can predict the future, but the best paying jobs in the future will probably be more or less in the same categories as today, with doctors leading the list. Many other high paying jobs are in the category of computer science, engineering, and managerial positions. You can look up high paying jobs, and future predictions of great jobs in the future on a search engine.

You’re right in noting that most high paying jobs require demanding academics and good grades. Do you have the drive and work ethic to build up better grades, and take courses in the science, technology, engineering and math categories? That’s probably your best bet for high paying jobs, but if that’s not going to be realistic for you, please don’t despair. There are thousands, maybe millions of people who have become quite wealthy without top grades, or even college degrees. Much depends on your work ethic, ambition, people skills, money smarts, contacts, and sometimes a touch of luck.

A lot can also be said about working in a field that you find appealing. If law enforcement is appealing to you, don’t fail to consider it just because it isn’t generally a profession that will make you rich. Law enforcement positions tend to be fairly well paid, with good benefits and an opportunity to retire at a relatively young age.

I’ll also tell you that your interests and ambitions at 16 will likely change a great deal over time. Law enforcement may sound exciting to you now, but uninteresting at 18, 20, or 22. A burning desire to be rich may be pressing you now, but at a later age your attention may be turned to a special somebody, a new career interest, a lifetime of travel, charity, or any of many turns in the road. Don’t fret too much about your dreams at 16. Just do your best in school, be a loving son and family member, stay healthy and active, and don’t forget those who are in need of a helping hand. If you do all that, you’ll be fine, and rich, poor, or in between, you’ll be happy with the life you are living.

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