A once-in-a-lifetime chance…

… Should I take it? A student has the opportunity to study abroad but isn’t sure whether to go for it.

Our elder says: Yes, yes, yes!

Dear EWC

I’m currently a student and actually, I’m in a dilemma about whether I should go for externship or not. Our school offered us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study abroad but I’m double-thinking because it is kind of expensive and I’m not sure if I really need it. To be honest, I want to try. I want to experience and try to live and study in that country even for one month because it will be a new whole experience for me. I’ll be placed in a country where I know no one and it’ll be just me, myself and I. It is also a known university so I’m sure it’ll look good at my portfolio when I start to work. But, again. It is expensive but my family says we can finance it. And it is not directly related to my profession although it is somehow related. I’m not sure whether I need that experience or not. Also, I think it’s more of “I want” than “I need”. If I think about it, if I don’t go for externship, nothing will be lost. Just the opportunity. So, yeah… That’s my dilemma. I hope you can help me… By the way, my family supports whatever decision I make…

Dayle replies

When there’s an opportunity to travel to another country and see it and how other people live, I always say yes! Whether it’s related to your profession or not, you will find the experience beneficial, and any employer will be glad to see that you were willing to branch out and explore something different. It will make a difference in how you are viewed and what further opportunities may be available to you. Since your family is willing to finance this (and travel is always expensive), I think they are telling you that this is a wise move for you.

Probably, when you first started high school or college it was new and strange, and you met people you didn’t expect to meet and made new friends. You may be surprised that others will be there as alone as you and will become friends with you faster than you realize could happen.

We all need new and different experiences in life, and this is a good time in your life for you to be able to take off and travel. You don’t want to regret, down the road, that you passed up an opportunity that was so easy to grab onto! Go, have fun, learn, enjoy. If you leave yourself open to what is available to you, you’ll never regret you did this.

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