Should I invite my crush?

I want to invite him to my birthday party, but he’d be the only boy.

Whoah, says our elder. Too much too soon! Hold off for now, and maybe you can invite him next year.

Dear EWC

OK, so there’s this boy. About three weeks ago, I told him that I liked him because you only live once, am I right? So, yesterday he asked me to go to lunch with him on Friday. We are going to lunch on Monday now. His cousin informed me that he liked me today. My birthday is coming up quickly as well. His cousin told me that I should invite him to my birthday party, which is bowling, and I don’t really know what I should do. We text a lot; like multiple times a day. But we don’t really talk that much like face to face. I want to invite him, but my entire family will be there at the party. So, what should I do? Face the judgment of all my family and friends because he would be the only boy there? What if he says no? What if he just stops talking to me altogether? I have a lot of doubt. And I don’t know if he should come…

Good-Listener replies

I understand your situation to be that you like this boy, and you want to know if you should invite him to your birthday party.

Here’s my take. Because he’d be the only guy, and you don’t hang out with him a lot, I’m going to say no. On top of that, your family will be there. I’m afraid that he will become the center of attention — which he may feel very uncomfortable being. It’s your day, and you should be the center of attention! I don’t think he would stop talking to you — he may just not know how to handle things at that time and going forward. If it were a party with guys and girls, and maybe one family member I’d say, OK — but it will be a lot of pressure for him, and I’m a firm believer in going slow with any budding friendship that you hope may evolve into something more.

Hold off on the invite. Maybe next year, if you have a different type of gathering, he’ll be included, but right now, it’s a little too much, too soon. In any case, have a really fun birthday!

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