Burnt out from badminton

I love the camaraderie of badminton practice, but it makes me so tired! Should I carry on next year?

Try talking to your coach, suggests our elder. You may find a compromise.

Dear EWC

Hi. I’m a freshman in high school and I joined a sport. I didn’t realize how rigorous of a sport it actually is but I made it into the team. Currently, there are two months left in the season. I’m conflicted whether I want to join the team again next year as a sophomore and continue playing badminton or not. I enjoy the sport but practice is just so tiring and the minute I get home I fall asleep. I rarely have time to do homework because I sleep after practice and I know that I’ll definitely have more homework next year. Especially because I have AP and honor classes. Sometimes I dread going to badminton practice, but by the time practice is over, I don’t mind how tiring it actually was. I don’t want to join again next year, but at the same time I do because it’s fun and I really really love the people on the team. They’re so nice and welcoming like we’re in a family. I’m going to miss them if I do decide to not join next year. But that’s where I need advice. I don’t know whether or not if I should join the team as a sophomore.

Salvador replies

It is a matter of priorities.

Decisions in life may require sacrifices. It is part of life. What is more important to you? Sports or studies? It comes down to that.

Why not talk to the coach and tell him the situation? He may be able to compromise in some ways so you can play and study. If he does not, you have to decide what is more important to you.

Take a close look at the future results on the decision that you make. What will benefit you more and for the long run?

Granted, at times, you may have to choose between two things you enjoy. There may not be any way around it. Again, that is part of life. We do not get everything we want in life. You have to balance enjoyment with responsibility, goals, plans, etc.

For the sake of argument, let us say you leave the team. I do not think that means you cannot be involved in the sport. Maybe you can ask the coach if you can go to practice so you can help your teammates get better but may have to leave earlier to do your studies. You will enjoy the interaction with the players and maintain the camaraderie. At the same time you will enjoy the sport and do your studies. You will not be able to compete, though. Would that be something you can accept?

I hope this reply helped you. Learning to adjust to situations in life will help you a lot. You will learn to be happier and less stressed. I wish you the best.

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