But what if it’s hard?

I really enjoy volunteer work — but I’m scared a “real” job will be too demanding.

Our elder reassures a letter writer after a bad experience.

Dear EWC

For the last two years, I’ve been doing volunteer work in a few different organisations where I live to get experience. I’ve enjoyed it and I often get great feedback from my bosses and everyone (including my parents) is very proud I’m doing well. But I’m also searching for paid employment as well. I hope to find work in a bookshop or a retail store because one of the places I’m volunteering in is a charity shop and I enjoy that type of work. I enjoy working at the till and helping the customers and making sure the shop is nice and tidy. But part of me is worried about working in a shop because a few years ago, I worked as a porter in a hotel and I hated it because the work was very intense and demanding and you had to be on your feet all day. You weren’t allowed to rest or sit down; not even for a minute. In fact, one time I sat down because the work was so exhausting. But when the manager found out, she said she was “extremely disappointed”. I only worked at that hotel for five months but it felt like forever. It was by far the worst job I ever had. Now I don’t mean to sound lazy or anything and I know work isn’t supposed to be easy or fun. But I just don’t want my work experience in a bookshop or a retail store to be as hard as it was when I was a porter in a hotel.

Papa-Smokey replies

Don’t let one bad job experience lead you to think you won’t enjoy working in a retail or bookshop. Working as a porter is very strenuous and also does not allow for much interaction with the customers. If you enjoy working in a charity shop my guess is that you enjoy helping and interacting with the customers. There’s no reason to believe that working in a retail shop would be less enjoyable for you. You may have to work longer hours in a retail shop and it can become very hectic at times, but if you enjoy the work time seems to go quickly. You may be required to do a wide variety of tasks in future jobs, but I don’t think it will be much different from your current experience in a charity shop.

I hope this information is helpful. Good luck !

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