Work newsletter woes

I contribute to a work newsletter and was disappointed to see that they edited out some of my latest column. Should I say anything?

It’s all part of being a writer, says our elder. Take heart, and keep writing.

Dear EWC

I have been writing a column for a newsletter for my department. I don’t get paid, but I was asked to write it and so I contribute to it. I wrote a bit of a personal piece because the topic touched a personal experience that I had in life. It was a bit tragic and when I sent it in I said I hope it is not too much to include that. However, I did not get a response and when I saw the newsletter they left that part out but included the rest of what I wrote. I feel a bit disappointed that I wasn´t asked whether or not I wanted to include that. They do have control over what gets put in the newsletter but I feel asking me how I felt would have been a nice gesture. What do you think? I am not sure how to bring it up? I just received the newsletter via email generally like everyone else did.

Lincoln-Parker replies

As a fellow writer, I do understand your disappointment at having some of your article excluded. However, they do (as you’ve acknowledged) have the right to edit your work. I’ve had things edited out too with no explanation given. It’s just part of being a writer. I had to develop a thick skin and understand that once it leaves my desk, it’s out there and not ‘mine’ anymore, so to speak. So, I do sympathize, but the reality is, this is not the last time it will happen to you and it’s just part of doing it. I contributed to a nonprofit newsletter for about a year, back in the day. Sometimes I thought I’d written something great (and maybe, in reality, it was). But the ‘powers that be’ disagreed, and it ended up on the editing floor. Take heart, there will be many other times when your work will be accepted and revered for its content and honesty. It just may not happen every time. Try to feel better… and keep writing! Good luck.

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