When anxiety takes over

Find what makes you happy, says our elder. You don’t need to know it all right now.

Dear EWC:

Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of issues concerning my sense of who I am. I can’t seem to make up my mind on anything, like where I want to study, what I want to be or have a clear vision of my future.

Actually, I have so many visions and I change my mind every single day and that’s what worries me. I don’t want to self diagnose but I feel like I might have a slight personality disorder because I can’t seem to make up my mind for anything ever and even when I do I change my mind very soon. I get that it’s normal to not have yourself or your life figured out at 16, but I feel this constant anxiety about it and it’s like my brain never stops pressuring me to worry about it.

I am basically in a constant state of worrying and anxiousness and I can’t figure out just why. Thank you.

M-Sharon replies:
You are not alone in how you feel. Many people are trying to make the same decisions you are grappling with. Please keep in mind that at the age of 16, very few young people know what they want in their future. Your next few years in school will help. I am hoping you will have access to a guidance counselor who can help you.

So, please try and let go of your anxiety. Instead, spend some time analyzing the things you are most attracted to–languages, history, math, helping others, science, art, etc. Now is the time to look at some outside activities that you find interesting. Often, you know what you don’t like before you know what you like.

Everyone’s journey is different. That’s what makes us unique. I wish you the best.

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