How do I make him like me?

That’s not how it works, says our elder. Read her take on getting over him and moving on.

Dear EWC:

I currently like this guy I’ll call A. He is kind, funny, and athletic. The problem is he doesn’t like me back… anymore. During late January, he began liking me. He asked my cousin to tell me. I was shocked because I liked a different guy at the time. He asked me out and I rejected him. Then during Valentines, he gave me candy and a bear. I was once more shocked and surprised.

A few months passed and my crush stopped liking me. I was sad and didn’t know what to do. I just went on with my life until I started seeing A. more and more. I texted him and started knowing him better. He was really kind and honest towards me. I started developing feelings for him. But he didn’t love me anymore. I was too late. I have tried getting his attention but he won’t even look my way. Plus he blocked all sources of communication towards me. Everyone started saying I was obsessed with him and that I was desperate. How do I win him back? How do I prove that we are meant to be? How do I get rid of all the drama?

Maryanne replies:

I am sorry to say that you might not like my advice today.
We can not make people like us. The question “How can I make him like me?” is one that I hear a lot. The answer is that you can’t. It’s just a long depressing road to try to make someone like you. Why put yourself through that? You deserve someone who truly does like you and you will meet that person eventually.
I would advise you to go on with your life and stop thinking about him. Yes, I know, this will be difficult but will get easier with time.

It seems to be that he was interested in you at one time. For whatever reason, he is no longer interested. You absolutely do not want everyone thinking you are obsessed and desperate. That is not a good idea at all. Move on and away and stop talking and thinking about him. You will be much happier after a time.
If you have a chance, do write again and let me know how you are doing. Take care.

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