Be the change you want to see

This 11th-grader hopes a career choice can change the world.

Our elder asks, “What are you going to do about it?”

Dear EWC:

Hey, I am from Dehradun, India. I am currently in 11th grade. I want guidance for my career. I have millions of thoughts in my mind everyday about my career because I love learning new things everyday and due to which I have so many career options on my mind. Like in India as we all know major career options are doctors and engineers.

But not a single kid wants to be a politician or some peace maker, maybe there are a few but I personally haven’t seen any! Everyone wants peace and correctness of people but no one wants to take a stand! Everyone wants a change but no-one wants to be the change!

We should do the good and eventually we get good! If we start an initiative and start helping people we are doing good, we feel good! And then one day when everyone understands how good it feels to help! Then that day will be the last day anyone thinks that some other person can also stand up for helping and they would help the person without any greed! So this was just a highlight of my thoughts!

Global-Advice replies:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Clearly you have done a lot of thinking and some considerable research and I commend you for this.

Many people share your opinion. The question for you is: What are you going to do about it?
Let me suggest you study history, public affairs, along with sociology, political science, geography, psychology, and behavioral economics. Travel widely and read a lot. Meet and listen to people in different cultures and at all social and economic levels. Then get active in helping others, whether in politics or social service.

Set a good example for others on being good and doing good. We cannot change the world all at once, but each of us can influence others by our example.

Good luck.


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